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Bosch SHX65T55UC

Bosch Dishwasher Ratings - Bosch Ascent one star for quiet by Laura (Columbus, Indiana)
I would return it if I could. Only positive is that it is quiet. After using a more expensive detergent for hard water and spots, the utensils still come out with a cloudy film. Since it is rubber inside. mold builds up on dishes if they aren't removed quickly. It is necessary to rinse dishes thoroughly before washing them otherwise the dishes not only are cloudy but still dirty after the wash.

Bosch WHt500 Axxis Dishwasher Review
This is well good dishwasher. Cleans dishes quick and better than washing by hand

Bosch SHE5AL05UC Dishwasher Review by Kristin (Anchorage, AK)
This is the worst dishwasher ever! We had just replaced our dishwasher from 1985 with this one. Our old one did a better job of cleaning dishes then this one. I cannot believe for the money spent on this it does such a horrible job. The only plus is that it is quiet. Even so, I have to basically clean any dishes before they go in there. The sanitizing option, does not work!! These are not sanitized when they come out. Programming is absolutely horrendous. There is no sure way for the child lock to be on. Trying to get it do the right amount of washing or any program you want is impossible. I have spent hours reading the instruction manual and on the help line. There is nothing wrong it just sucks. I have never put up a review before, but this machine had good reviews and I believe that they should be warned at how horrible it actually is. Bottom point, you would be better off with any other dishwasher than this one. It's not worth the money, or time.

Bosch SHE43C by Babs (Canada)
Worst dishwasher I ever bought in my whole life (and I've had many dishwashers). This one has broken my glasses, discolored cups, eroded the rubber type handles on my pots and pans. After service is non-existant. All I'm told by representatives is that my cups, glassware, pots and pans and everything are defective. (Even though my pots and pans have been with me for about 30 years and I've never had a problem). Would never recommend a Bosch dishwasher to anyone. STAY AWAY. We paid over $800 for ours and then we bought one from Sears for $300. Sears is much better. (Not that Sears is my favorite either!)

Bosch SHE55M16UC Dishwasher Rating by Mark (Schenectady, NY)
Terrible, would never recommend. Does not get dishes clean. Racks do not accomodate anything easily except dishes and silverware. Good luck with pots, pan, and glasses. I have had a horrible experience and paid almost $900.00 for it.

Bosch by Wendy (London ontario)
Worst dishwasher I've ver had! Dishes stay dirty after cycle! Poor quality! Don't waste your money!! Stinks even after used!

Bosch SHE46C
After 5 1/2: 1. Water inlet valve failed. 2. Leaking after each full cycle. Need to get water out of drip pan to complete cycle. 3. Local repair man suggested it is at end of life and need to replace.

Bosch SHX45M05UC/48 by Richard (Gulf Breeze, FL)
Only three years old and leaking. The small leak around the pump housing activates the flood control device and the unit runs until you turn it off, hours and hours. The service tech came out during warranty and said there was nothing wrong. He was wrong and now it is out of warranty and Bosch will do nothing. Good bye Bosch and hello American made Kitchenaid.

Bosch SHE68T55UC by Erik (Bountiful, Utah, USA)
We purchased a Bosch dishwasher because of the ratings we saw. We were very disappointed. It washes very well but the dishes are not at all dry when it has finished. We followed the instructions in the manual to the letter even though their instructions are the most stupid format I have ever seen given to a consumer. They are in coded format and not part of the buttons that can be pushed. This dishwasher must have been designed by a computer geek. We returned it to the supplier and replaced it with a Kitchen Aid model which is a dream to use. Absolutely no comparison. If you want dried dishes after a wash, DON'T buy a Bosch.

Bosch SHE6AP05UCby Charlene (BC Canada)
Five star machine! Excellent machine, quiet and efficient. I can load this machine up with twice the dishes my sister can load into her dishwasher and mine come clean every time! And my dishwasher washes them this cleanly on in 30 to 35 minutes. I highly recommend this machine!

Bosch by Wendy (London ontario)
Worst dishwasher I've ver had! Dishes stay dirty after cycle! Poor quality

Bosch WF6374UC Dishwasher
This dishwasher rocks ... much better than just doing it by hand and keeps the kitchen tidy.

Bosch SHU9925UC/U12 (Montara California)
Do not buy Bosch. It has had problems over the years, and it recently died. It's quiet and looks nice, but doesn't even clean as well as the prior one that cost half as much as the Bosch. I have a Bosch table saw that works great. But the dishwasher is not good quality. I've talked to others, and they say the same thing, not reliable. The water inlet valve went. The tech replaced it years ago, then it wasn't as quiet. It started making funky noise a week ago. We haven't used it since. I replaced that same valve again, and I got nothing...

Bosch SHE43F12UC Dishwasher by Ron (Clearwater FL)
Very quiet and pleased with it. Easy to use. Door is heavier and is with good insulation compared with other brands.

Bosch Integra 500 Series SHX45P05UC by Theresa (Bend, OR USA)
Rating: ** (Two Stars) I bought a house I was remodeling from the ground up. It had a very loud Frigidare dishwasher, which did an excellent job cleaning, but the noise level was like an airplane taking off in my house, complete with the vibration. I did due dilligence and bought a Bosch Integra. It came and I was very excited to get it installed. However, loading was difficult, as the racks are not made to be very efficient. What I was going to save in energy to run it for a load was easily wasted when I had to run three loads compared to the one that it should have been (compared to my other dishwasher). I was also disappointed that the glasses came out dirty. They were streaked and had stuff blown into them. I thought maybe the arms were full of oil from shipping so I gave it a few weeks to 'clean out' and things only got worse. I was washing dishes by hand, then putting them in the dishwasher, then followed up with rinsing the glasses by hand again!!! Lastly the "jet dry dispenser" was broken from day one. It would never hold fluid. I really WANTED to have this dishwasher work, but finally gave up on day 26, and purchased a new "quiet" frigidare that has my glasses sparkling clean.

SHE6AF05UC by Robert (Westminster, CA USA)
This is a horrible dishwasher. I bought it from Lowe's in July 2011. I bought the Bosch brand because of their superior construction tools, which I was very familiar with. I had no idea that Bosch would make a dishwasher that just doesn't clean the dishes. I bought it from Lowe's and I had Lowe's do the installation. The installer asked me if I pre-rinsed the dishes and I said yes. He told me not to pre-rinse with this dishwasher that it would "blow the finish off the dishes." He also told me to use half the amount of dishwasher soap. From the first day, this dishwasher just didn't clean the dishes, even if you did pre-rinse. I called Bosch and complained and they sent out a factory service technician. He checked it out and I ran a load of dishes for him and he saw first hand that this machine doesn't clean the dishes. He checked it all; water temperature, water level, pump, brand of dishwasher soap I used. He finally said that he couldn't find anything wrong and had no answer as to what I should do. This machine was totally misrepresented by both Bosch and Lowe's. I will never buy the Bosch brand of anything again. Shame on you Bosch! Do not buy this dishwasher.

Bosch Model:SHE55M06UC / 50 by Kory (Edmonton, Ab , Canada )
Save your money, this dishwasher is no better than a throw away North American brand. Obviously Bosch is simply going off the German engineering name brand they built up over the years without providing the quality anymore. Washing ability on a scale of 1 to 10 would be a 4. Everything that goes into this washer must be throughly cleaned or the debris will still be on the dishes at the end of the load. The control panel has a built in handle which broke in the first year of service. After inspecting the part the reason is clearly visible two main plastic tabs hold it on and when you pull the handle to open the door they fatigue and break. $60.00 for the part and a wait of about 20 days to get it ordered in. Speaking with the parts supplier they sell a lot of them. Only thing this washer has going for it is the sound rating when washing, you can be in the same room and barely hear it. Customer service from Bosch is poor to non existent.

0/ Wish I had never bought it,my old one was over 20 years and still going. Bosch is not 5 years and broke down. If Bosch doesn't stand by there product,I will never by a Bosch product.

ZERO STARS model SHE4AM12UC (Saginaw,Michigan)
ZERO STARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This machine does not clean the dishes. There is no temperature sensor on the water in the tub. The water temp is to low to disolve the soap. Also it does not rinse mugs so our coffe tastes like soap. BAD!!!!!!!! Local Bosch Service tech has been out 3 time and has not repaired the washer.

Bosch SHX4AP05UC Dishwasher Review by the Mechanical Guru (St. Louis)
I have owned this dishwasher for 3 years and wanted to share my experiences while addressing the negative comments from others. First and most importantly it does an EXCELLENT job of washing dishes. I never do ANY pre-rinsing and could not be more impressed. My guess is if it is not washing well you are skimping on soap. (I know because I tried.) Using a rinse agent and a high quality LIQUID soap will give the best results (as it will on any dishwasher.) At first the space between the racks seems small but with a little experimentation we fit in everything just fine, including large casserole dishes, bowls, etc. For deep plates try leaning the racks a little by bending them. I have used this technique on other brands as well. Drying: If your dishes are wet it is because you are taking them out too early! I personally never use heated drying because it is a waste of money. However, on other brand dishwashers you will have to prop the door open to get your stuff dry. On this dishwasher, because it is a stainless steel tub (Bosch was the first to do this), the moisture will condense on the walls and then drain out. It just takes time. If you wait until the “Sanitized” light comes on before you open it you will find that everything is perfectly dry. Heating Element & Drying: Bosch is the only dishwasher manufacturer besides ElectroLux that does not have a heating element ring in the bottom. The heating element in the Bosch is concealed below the tub in the plumbing. This means two things. 1) You will never overheat any item placed anywhere in this dishwasher, even if it falls out of the rack. 2) It also means that the heating cycle, with its fan, is not as effective and as fast as other dishwashers. This is because using the heating element in the bottom of other brand dishwashers to dry your dishes is the equivalent of putting your dishes in an oven. Just another reason to use no-heat drying. Yes the door flexes. It can feel flimsy but so what? It works just fine. Yes the bottom rack tends to come off the guide a little too easily. I pull it out straight without lifting and have no troubles any more. My wife still gets it to come off once in a while, a MINOR inconvenience. Way quiet. I usually forget it is even running. The more expensive Bosch models are even quieter. Probably the quietest in the industry. The stainless steel tub is the secret to this dishwasher being so efficient. It reflects the heat back and keeps the water and dishes warmer while using less energy. I’ll never buy anything else. It is by far the best dishwasher I have ever used.

Bosch shu9925uc/u12 by Julie Ross (Forest Lake, MN)
5 stars very quiet. No problems in 10 years.

SHE33M05UC/50 by Dan (Ottawa Canada)
This is the worst dishwasher we have ever had. The water jets get continually clogged with food residue and it is a rare event that the dishes come out clean. We have had to have the unit serviced by Bosch who found nothing wrong other than telling us to clean the spray nozzles (almost daily) which defeats the point of having a dishwasher. I would caution anyone from thinking about this unit to avoid it at all costs.

she58c by amito (la.)
Worst dishwasher I have owned ever. Leaves items damp or wet even if you leave door partially jammed open at end of wash as suggested in owners manual ( i am not joking). Also clips on adjustable racks in bottom tray keep coming undone and every thing in falls over. Had to use plastic tie wraps to keep them in place. Will never buy a bosch washer ever. Might not even buy any of their tools which used to be my favorite brand.

SHX43P15UC Review by RJ (IL)
Just started using it. So far so good.

Bosch SHE43P12UC/60
I have had 3 dishwashers, Kenmore, Samsung and Bosch. I will never buy another Bosch. This dishwasher is more work than it is worth. The fact is doesn't have the food grinder in the bottom is a definite negative. You have to empty the food catcher all the time, sometimes 3-4 times a week. There is always food residue in the water which collects inside glasses and they have to be re-washed by hand often. We have soft water which should be a plus, but even with rinse aid I have residue on plates often. If they aren't fully rinsed before being placed in the dishwasher they probably come out as dirty as they go in, so I may as well wash them all by hand. And once a week I need to remove the spray arms and poke out all the food that has collected causing the water to not flow properly. It is 2 years old and I can't wait for it to die so I can replace it.

Bosch SHY66C05UC/14 Dishwasher Rating
This top-of-the line dishwasher has been very quiet and exceedingly unreliable. After 3 years we had to replace the soap dispensing unit, a few years later we had to replace one of the (3) pump motors. Later we had to replace the electronic control board. We have easily spend more on repairs in 7 years than the value of this expensive dishwasher. I would never buy a Bosch again. It also uses the metal cabinet for a condensing dry cycle rather than a heater for drying, making it a very slow cycle time, that

Bosch SHE58C05UC
By far the best dishwasher I've ever owned. Dishes, pots etc. all come out sparkling clean and dry! My family tends to pile dishes etc on top of each other and they still come clean. The only time I have excess water is when plastics are flipped upside down, which happens only from poor placement initially. My favorite feature is the fact that the motor is concealed by a multitude of filters. My last dishwasher (Kitchen Aide) died after a dish broke inside, and the pieces found they're way into the motor. My one complaint is the fact that it beeps when it's complete, and continues until it's manually turned off. This can be pretty annoying in the middle of the night or in the middle of a good movie.

I would give this a 1 star, and will never buy BOSCH again...Our Bosch has a problem with drainage or something because the dishes come out smelling like dead fish, very unpleasant. This started about 1 year after purchase. It doesn't happen with every load, it works OK for a few then the next one comes out stinking. We've taken to running a partial cycle with a few tablespoons of clorox in the water, draining it, then running a normal cycle just to make sure we aren't getting something really gross on the dishes. I've read that other BOSCH dishwashers have this same problem; yet Bosch continues to deny that its a problem with their design.

Bosch SHU6805UC Dishwasher by cmm (Phoenix, AZ, USA)
1 star. I have had so many issues with this dishwasher. Dishes have to be hand washed before going in to the washer. I've had the control panel replaced a couple of times among other repairs. I hate this dishwasher. It's 10 years old now but it has never been good, just expensive. I have no idea what dishwasher to buy next. They say "you get what you pay for" but unfortunately I feel like I never got what I paid for with this one!

Bosch SHE43P26UC
I give it two stars. I'm constantly frustrated by the limited loading capacity when washing non-place setting pieces (pots, pans, casserole dishes, lids, platters, mixing bowls, etc.) due to the tine placements. Was able to wash a lot more in my 25 year old, non-tall tub dishwasher. This dishwasher has one row of fold-down tines in the top rack, which is helpful for positioning coffee mugs but not of much value otherwise. There is always water on the bottom of cups and glasses that have any degree of indentation which I am told is a common problem with all energy efficient dishwashers (lower heating) and explains why the user's manual recommends emptying the lower rack first. It washes well but then, I have always pre-rinsed my dishes. I will say this, it's very quiet

Bosch SHE43P25UC Dishwasher Review by Kenny (Ulster County, New York)
After weeks of intense research (on-line, print, in-store), I chose this model. Bosch has a great reputation and for the money, though somewhat pricey, offered great value.I also found that Bosch has consistency throughout its product line; while other manufacturers offered reliable higher-end models, the lower-end models of the same name seemed to offer unreliable and/or poor performance. This Bosch model is definitely an entry-level, but in the reputable EcoSense line. (I was told to stay away from the Ascenta line.) We didn't need or want tons of features and cycles and options....just clean dishes with little noise. To say this dishwasher cleans dishes is a gross understatement! I opened it after the first wash and the entire stainless compartment literally SPARKLED!!! I had two identical glass bowls: one had been hand washed (and was thought to be clean?); the other was washed in the Bosch....the difference was unbelievable!! And, yes, the unit is super quiet. (Is it on??) Unfortunately, this model doesn't have an auto-power shut-off OR, at least, a beep to sound when wash is complete. I had noticed a mild unpleasant heated smell in the air around the unit toward the end of the cycle, but after 6 washes or so this seems to have gone away. Also, perhaps because I am using the optional extra drying time feature, some of the finished pieces have a mild 'steamed' odor....mild, but mildly unpleasant.....but also this doesn't seem to be a constant. Note: The first brand new Bosch had a broken part at the bottom by the filter (a plastic lever that held the base in place)!! Our local store, Sohn's Appliances, was terrific and immediately came out and installed a new machine! Sohn's also offered a rebate and, along with a Bosch rebate, helped to even out the playing field and helped us choose this one. The higher price was definitely a turn-off; if not for the $100 savings we might not have gone with the Bosch.

Bosch SHE68M0 Dishwasherby Geri (Antioch, TN USA)
Worst dishwasher I have ever had. Paid close to $1,000. Does not ever clean dishes properly, called Bosch and they sent service people out 3 times, still the same. I would rate it a 1 and that is being VERY generous!

Bosch SHU43C07UC/17
Four star. Very quiet and cleans extremely well. We had the panel replaced as part of a manuafacturer recall and now the cycles are much longer. That is my only complaint and why it gets four instead of five stars.

Bosch SHU33AOSUC/47 by Jeff (Columbia Lake, BC Canada)
Three and 1/2 years old and we have had to have the serviceman out for the drain three times. |It is at our vaction home and seems to do this when we are expecting company. Even when it is working it does not live up to the Bosch hype. This is the last time as we are ripping it out anf getting a Kitchen Aid like at home where we have had no issues. Would never buy or recomend this product!

SHE4AP05ucby Carol (Lexington, ky)
This dishwasher is 15 months old, but installed and actually used only 12. We will probably never buy another Bosch anything again. The soap dispenser will not open and we were told that this is an electrical problem and since we purchased it over 12 months ago, we will be charged a service fee. The person I talked to was rude and very unhelpful and I did not begin getting angry until he said that all he would do is give me the name of the company that services Bosch. I would have appreciated some trouble shooting perhaps, maybe some apology for my buying a dishwasher that leaves clouds on my glasses no matter how much rinse agent I put in and are not clean because the soap dispenser won't open. I felt like this person representing Bosch could not have cared less. If this is a representative of their company, my feeling is that this company really couldn't care less. I will not buy Bosch products again.

Bosch SHE68P05UCby Ron (Toronto)
This is our second Bosch dishwasher. The first one lasted ten years but had problems with the electronics during the years. We have had this one for three years and zero problems. It washes very well, and is very quiet. The racks are good but not excellent. There are no wear and tear signs at all. I would recommend this dishwasher. It is expensive compared to most but we wanted the quietest reliable dishwasher we could afford.

Bosch 6805ucby PSJ (BC Canada)
Quiet and reliable but food particles often on dishes.

bosch dishwasher model # shx33r55uc/64 by greg (grand terrace , Ca. usa)
This machine has not worked right from day one. The cabinet smells like fish and the dishes have to be rinsed by hand before you can use them. We have had two different Techs out to service it and still have the same problem . It was installed in Oct. of last year.

SHX43P15UC/64 Dishwasher Review by Vicki (Millstadt, IL USA)
Very quiet-dishes clean and dry well. Beeps when cycle completed, versatility of top rack level and silverware cart can be moved. Not showing fingerprints. I also like the fact that that it won't burn anything that falls to the bottom, but there is a side flip bar to keep plastic items in place instead of falling thru. Big improvement from our original Whirlpool. Now, if it could only mop my floor :) Love it!

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