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Electrolux EI24ID30QS

Electrolux Dishwasher Ratings - EIDW6105GW1 Review
I give this dishwasher 1 star, that's only earned by the exterior styling. The performance sucks. It does not clean dishes nor does it dry dishes. It cost me over 800.00 bucks, which is roughly double what the average dishwasher costs. More expensive doesn't mean better! The unit is VERY quiet, but I have figured out that it's because it doesn't do anything but consume water and electricity. Piece of #@$*! PS. I changed my mind and am taking away that lone star I gave it earlier!

Electrolux ewdw6505gso by Shirley (Springfield, Oregon)
This VERY EXPENSIVE DISHWASHER, is NOT one that I would recommend buying!!!! It throws an error code 1, about every 6 months! This shuts down the dishwasher, I can't believe that I paid this kind of MONEY, and to fix this you have to uninstall it, from the cabinet etc...That is assuming you have the ability to do so, which I don't. According to the research I have done, there is a part #15469101, that will fix this! Well, guess what! I don't think I should even have to attempt it, the whole point in spending the kind of money that I did, was so I wouldn't have these problems. This dishwasher is a NIGHTMARE!!!! I have contacted electrolux directly, and I am waiting for a response, but have not received one yet.

Comments for Electrolux ewdw6505gso
Sooooo, My Electrolux Dishwasher that is listed in previous posts, has finally been fixed. I made a trip to the Department Store {Major Appliance Dealer) Only to be told that they had no record of purchase, {well isn't that grand} or that there was an issues with this model, however Electrolux/Fridgadaire did have my information. I was told that there was a recall, but If I wanted it fixed I would have to pay for the part, which was on back order {U can bet that I didn't pay a penny}. Four calls later, I talked to a person that actually cared about customer service, she had a local appliance repair company get a hold of me, they did a fantastic job on the repair. It took a MONTH to get any help, I will NEVER EVER buy from this company again!!!

EWDW6505GS Dishwasher Review by Tiffany (Richfield, Ohio)
RATING: 0 out of 5. I will never buy another Electolux product. I thought I was getting a top-of-the-line machine for the amount of money I was spending, NOT SO. I've owned this machine for 3yrs and have had nothing but problems from day one. The clips on the sides of the upper rack broke and the painted finish on the metal looking plastic piece at the very top of the door started to come off within the first couple of days of use. It has never washed as well as other dishwashers I have owned and the soap doesn't seem to dispense properly. The soft plastic "flexible silverware holder" disintegrated about 3 months ago...it actually fell apart into a thousand little pieces. Now we are having issues with different error codes, rendering the dishwasher useless. First, it was "error 02"-drain pump. I figured it was pieces of the disintegrated silverware holder that clogged the pump. Electrolux customer service did cover the part, but no labor would be covered because it was out of warranty at 2 yrs. Now the dishwasher is displaying "error 03"-washer pump, ONE WEEK AFTER ERROR 02 WAS FIXED. I called Electrolux customer service and pleaded my case. I am being told they will only cover the part, not the labor. I'm in to this machine for about $200 right now and the labor to change the washer pump will be $150.00! At this point, I may as well junk this machine and put the money toward a brand new (non-Electrolux) appliance!

Comments for EWDW6505GS Dishwasher Review by Sandy
I bought an Electrolux thinking I was purchasing a top of the line product. It is the most expensive and worst dishwasher I've ever owned. In 40 years of owning dishwashers, I've never had to have a repairman out. This washer has had several things break. I will never buy another Electrolux product again.

Comments for EWDW6505GS Dishwasher Review by Rick
Electrolux products suck and so does the company. I just spent $5,000.00 on their products fridge, stove. and the biggest piece of crap dishwasher. They will not stand behind their product after the 1 year warranty even after so many online complaints and tell them they should recall these dishwashers that all keep getting error codes and do not clean dishes. Called an appliance man to address the error code 3 he said new pump and maybe it will fix it no guarantees cost $475. NEVER BY ANYTHING ELECTROLUX

electrolux ewdw6505gs
piece of crap. had it for a year as a new unit in new house. dishes were clean but never completely dry no matter what dry setting. tops of mugs always wet and some silverware spotted and rusted. finally got an exchange from pc richard no charge. kudos to pc richard. great customer service.

EIDW6305GS1 Dishwasher by James (wall nj)
Junk. Just 18 months old and won't heat water or sanitize. Dishes wet and unit gets filled with mildew. Out of warranty after 1 year. 2-5 warranty does not cover labor/trip charges only major components. Had major issues with Electrolux fridge. Avoid brand at all cost!

EIDW6105GS1 by Tommy (Chatham La.)
I've had this junk for 3 years and it's been worked on twice. I will not wash the soap out of the door and don't dry the dishes. It's quite but so is a bucket of water. I rate it as a ZERO. It cleans so bad I wouldn't call it a dishwasher. It's a good storage rack for dishes. It cost $1300 and I wouldn't haul another one off if they gave it to me.

I wish it would break....... Then I would go buy a Bosch. Yes I have hard water.......like most of the world, but I had a Bosch once that worked really well in the same city. It's like having a kid that get's "C's" in school. You're stuck with em but you know there are A's out there.

Electrolux Dishwasher EWDW6505 by Cathy (Pensacola, Fl)
Right now I'm not happy with my dishwasher. In Nov. 2010 , the wash pump had to be replaced. Now, 2/9/2011 , just found out that the drain valve and pump have to be replaced. I have spent half of what I payed for it.

Electrolux EIDW6305G by Morris (Westminster, CO)
Poor. Never buy another one. I prefer appliances that actually are long term investments. This one didn't even make it through the warrenty period. If I had a boat, it would be a good anchor.

EWDW6505GS Dishwasher
I do not recommend this Electrolux model, very expensive and has had major repair issues in its first three years of limited use. This model was purchased for its quiet feature, but not worth the repair costs of the defective motor and the electrical panel malfunction.

Electrolux EIDW6105GS1 Dishwasher Rating by JW (Broken Arrow, OK USA)
DON'T DO IT!!! Machine is very quiet, and does a good job on the dishes. We have had the dishwasher just over 2 years and have had it break down twice. Once for the Water Level Sensor and now it says ther is a pump motor error. The factory sent the new part for the pump and it still does not work. For a $1,000.000 dishwasher, the expense to keep it running is way out of line. I could have bought a mid-grade machine and replaced it twice for what this one cost to keep running.

GLD4050RHS1 by Mark Major (Ocoee, FL)
POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD! Spray arm melted TWICE; contents of dishwasher destroyed numerous times, numerous service calls didn't resolve problem. Electrolux response: "...contact your local fire department..." Retailer (Appliance Direct) offered to sell me a replacement at discount. Very poor customer service.

Electrolux 154671101 Dishwasher Et 2008/2009 by Debbie (Ontario)
This is NOT a good dishwasher... if you're considering this brand do yourself a favour and keep researching and shopping! Ours broke down during the first year and the parts required to fix it under warranty were "unavailable". Electrolux offered to replace the entire unit but refused to pay for delivery/removal and the re-installation. The flatware baskets are awkward at best; each piece of cutlery has to be loaded in, handle first, one by one. When it's unloaded you have to touch the eating area of all the forks and spoons to get them put away. You can be guaranteed that you will find dishes that need re-washing in every load... if you're over 40 wear those reading glasses to unload this sucker! I find that coffee cups, spoons and large utensils (and sometimes plates) are the worst offenders. The only way to get "good" results is to use the heavy wash cycle but that baby goes in excess of 2 hours which can really put a strain on your hydro bill if you use it every day. This is one instance where you do not get what you pay for. This dishwasher is too expensive and the company does not stand behind it's product. This particular product does not warrant your hard-earned money. Months earlier we purchased a Kenmore dishwasher (but then moved) which provided far superior performance to the Electrolux. The stainless steel Kenmore was purchased to replace an 18-year old "white" builder's grade GE that was in perfect working order...I honestly don't recall ever taking a dirty dish out of that!

Electrolux 587EIDW6105GS by Cindy (Miss.)
THEY SUCK! I purchased ALL new Electrolux appliances in 2008. Luckily I purchased the maintenance agreements on all as well. The oven & dishwasher have been repaired at least once a year & it always comes around the holidays when I need them the most! The dishwasher is now broke again! Full of water & dishes. Now I'll have to wait for Sears to come look at it & then come again to fix it! 2 days wasted, waiting. I replaced a 17 year old Maytag dishwasher (that worked fine & never ever broke down) with this Electrolux one. I gave away the Maytag & it's still going strong. My Electrolux double oven has broken down yearly & the gas cooktop has NEVER worked right! We spent thousands of hard earned $$. Never again will I buy Electrolux!

EIDW6305GS 1 by kristy (ohio)
I would rate it a 1 star. I would not recommend any Electrolux product. I bought a dishwasher (currently broken, 2nd time with an error code 01) refrigerator that took three deliveries because each one was defective, (one even filled our basement with water because the valve was not sealed at the factory, and the double oven on cooks at the right temp unless you use convection bake. Beware: Electrolux has very few service representatives that are trained to fix their products. There are only two companies that can service these products within a 50 mile radius of my home, so I have to wait 7-10 days to have someone come out to service broken appliances.

KitchenAid KUDE60HXSS1 by Markus (Abbotsford B.C. Canada)
After much deliberation and reserch the hunt was on. We were well armed with Consumer Reports ,this and several other web site reviews (No more junk for appliances). My wife and I happened upon a scratch and dent store and found this dishwasher on sale for 850.00 . Considering the retail of $1650.00 we thought it was a good buy. The ratings were in the top 10% so we decided to take it home. I installed it immediately and and we loaded the dishes. We turned it on and "nouthing" but blue lights. I checked all the connections and wiring and everything seemed in order; this time with the lower cover off I pushed the start button again and realized it was running the first time. The machine is so quiet you will think it is broken, it would be suitable in a library. The dishes and cutlery come out of the machine absolutely spotless and dry (even the plastics). Pots and pans are also cleaned to sterile condition. Thus far it is the best dishwasher I have owned and better by far than any of our friends. The key here, dishes go in dirty and come out clean without any fuss, and rinsing is not required. The reliability is very good according to consumer reports, but at full retail it is somewhat pricey. I am very pleased with the features, and would recommend this dishwasher to anyone as a buy (preferably on sale). I was also informed that Kitchenaid is the old Inglis brand which I have owned in the past and they were truely indestructable appliances, I could not say enough to praise their reliability. I would give this dishwasher a 5 out of 5 on the overall performance.

Electrolux EIDW630GS Review by Don (Clarence Center NY)
The soap does not dispense properly both liquid and powder. Techs have replaced the soap dispenser 2X carving out the rim where the soap door closes, per the Electrolux Factory a possible flaw in the soap dish. Board replace also along with soap dish and bottom wash arm replaced. Now waiting for center wash arm and bottom wash arm support. Seems like a guessing game to me. Soap still not dispensing and running down interior door, overall is quite a dishwasher accept the soap problem. Electrrolux EWDW65056GS by J (NY)
The worst dishwasher I ever owned. Only had for two years nothing but problems. Half the time dishes were not even cleaned after the wash cycle. DO NOT BUY ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS. Error code 1 keeps comming on. After the third time trying to fix the problem. The store I purchased it replaced with the sam model this time it leaked water with when the installers were testing. I am now having the store replace with a Kitchenaid.

EWDW6505GS Dishwasher Review by Melody (Prunedale)
0 OUT OF 5. Broke within the first year - internals corroded. After owning for two years and on fifth repair (leak kit replaced twice, main controler replaced twice, thermister replaced once). Still fighting with warranty for replacing this lemon of a dishwasher. Current condition is not operable unless I am willing to have steam and water pour out of the top of maching and out over main control pannel. So sad given the price for the machine, the number of months of non-use while waiting for repairman and parts, and the scratches/gouges on machine, counter and wood flooring from the number of times this machine has been pulled out and reinstalled due to repairs.

Electrolux EIDW6105GW1 Review by Charles (Chattanooga, TN)
My wife and I have had nothing but trouble from this piece of junk. It has been repaired a half dozen times and still won't even wash the soap out of the dispenser. We are so fed up with dealing with it that we may have to just pull it out and throw it away! This is no joke, it has been the worst appliance we have ever bought. I would not recommend one of these to my worst enemy! I wouldn't give it any stars at all.

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