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Frigidaire FGBD2445NF

Frigidaire Dishwasher Ratings - Frigidaire Professional Series by Glenn (Cherry Hill, NJ USA)
Piece of junk made in China-3 years old and it is going out for trash!!

Frigidaire Professional Series by Boyce
Ditto less than three years, warranty is out and so is it. Door top design has the control pannel being replaced three times, not anymore though,,, warranty up, wife and i still fighting over not getting the Extended Warranty. Shall never even look at Frigidaires again.

fridaire fghd2433kw by steve (Boston)
It just went out of warranty and the motor started making noise. A little to soon since I run this only once a week. Should of kept the 1972 kitchen aid it ran like a top. So much for trying to save energy.

Frigidaire FGHD2433KF by Wendy (Delaware)
2 Stars - I am very disappointed in how much residue is left after the final rinse. There is grit that is left behind on glasses (not plastic) on the top rack and on bowls that I place anywhere (top or bottom) in the dishwasher. What's the point of using a dishwasher if you need to rewash afterwards? Plus, it's harder to get clean because the grit is dried and caked on. The design is great. I can stuff lots of plates into the bottom rack. The top rack does not pack as well. Smaller things cannot be placed on the bottom rack because the bars are placed so far apart that small items are not well supported. I should have kept my 10 year old Whirlpool dishwasher which did a great job.

PLD3460RDC1 Dishwasher Review
This is not a good dishwasher. The control panel has broken 5 times in 4 years. It leaves food behind and does an extremely poor job at cleaning the dishes. The frigidaire company and our warranty company will not consider it a lemon and replace it. We gave it away before the warranty even expired and bought a new dishwasher. Do not buy this dishwasher. Poor design and terrible customer service. I give this 1 star.

Frigidaire FGHD2433KF1 by Scott (Lees Summit, MO)
My wife and I bought a full set of appliances for our new house. We wanted a matching set, and ended up selecting the Frigidaire Gallery line. From the start, the dishwasher is the appliance we were least happy with. It is the highest-end dishwasher in the Gallery line, but is still plastic on the inside without much vertical space. It was very quiet at first, which is what we liked most about it. But after only a month, it's greatest selling point flew out the window as it started making a terrible noise during parts of the washing cycle. The noise it makes is similar to the sound of a spinning part loose on it's bearing, like an old dying fan in a computer. After some research, I see this is a common problem in this particular model of dishwasher. There are videos of the sound you can find pretty easy online, and many reviews from people who have this problem, some who have had it "fixed" time and time again, only to have it reoccur. This model of dishwasher needs to be recalled. Avoid this model at all costs. It is a terrible value. It's only real selling point turns out to be it's biggest flaw. I don't see where I provide the 1-5 rating. So if this review shows up with more than 1 star, that's why. Unless a permanent fix is found for the noise it makes, it's a 1 star dishwasher. Fixed, I would give it 3 stars.

Frigidaire FGHD243KF1 Dishwasher Review
After 6 months nothing but problems. Worked with manufacturer for 6 months--after 4 repair trips finally got a replacement and same problems started up again. We are trying to replace it with a different model now. Great feature set for the money--but I would stay away from this model. Rating a 1.5

Frigidaire Model FGHD2433KF
I have had an odor problems with this dishwasher since we purchased it 2 years ago. We had a customer rep look at it and could not find anything wrong (it was still under warranty). The tubing is properly installed under my sink according to the rep. I run 3 loads a week and the odor is terrible the day after running it. Frigidaire's customer service hasn't been able to help. It literally makes my kitchen smell bad if I leave the door open. I would give this dishwasher a 0.

FDB2810 Dishwasher Review
Horrible, worst product I have ever bought, the tech that has repaired it 3 times says he sees it all the time. The board shorts out b/c he says the unit is not sealed and the steam causes the issue. We have tried over the counter sealant where we can but with no luck. It does at least die slowly, so I am able to clean on certain cycles while the part is on order again. It is now currently broke and we will just replace it as we can not justify spending any more money on it. When purchased at Lowes it was one of their top models, dont blame Lowes, but we will never buy Frididaire ever again. (bought stove, dishwasher, microwave, fridge all at same time and same model group, all have had to be repaired)

Frigidaire FGHD2433KF1 SerTHO1867447 by Unhappy (Florida)
I would rate this dishwasher as a 1. Noise level is LOUD. Disappointed because I bought this machine because of high referrals found. I was told that the loud noise will go away after use. Well I bought the machine and it cleaned great the two times I used it. Then we renovated the kitchen, all done by professionals with great ratings. This took approx 8 months we also renovated the dinning room and living room and porches at the same time. Major undertaking, but beautiful when complete. Unfortunately, when the dishwasher was reinstalled it leaked which is a manufacture problem and the dishwasher is out of warranty, since I bought the dishwasher 5 months before. Needless to say I now have to get a new dishwasher and I will get one that is quiet. Unhappy and disappointed.

Frigidaire Model FGHD2433KW1 by Jerry (Blythe GA USA)
Very poor tub design. Sensor plug at the very bottom of the tub pops out very easily, thus allowing all of the water in the tub to flood one's floor!

Don't recall the model # by Joybeth (Ft. Worth TX)
I bought a Frigidaire for my previous house when I redid the kitchen in 1999, and it was the best machine ever. It had all the bells and whistles: either top or bottom or both racks wash, china cycle, pots and pans cycle, rinse and hold, 1-24 hr delay start, sanitize, everything. It worked like a dream, and was incredibly quiet. You couldn't hear it running 6 ft. away. The dishes were always spotless. After 3 years we had to replace the door seal, but that was the only problem we had with it. We moved in 2004, and I wish I had it in this house. Whenever I read these bad reviews of Frigidaire dishwashers I wonder how I was so lucky to get that particular machine.

FDB520RH52 by ER Norton (Troy MO)
After owning several different dishwashers through the years, I am very disappointed by the performance of the Frigidaire dishwasher. After being in use VERY LITTLE, it fails to get dishes clean or dry! It was purchased less than 2 years ago and has been used less than would be normal for 1 month on the other units I have owned. I don't plan to ever buy another Frigidaire product!

4000 Series AquaSurge- GLD4355RFS1
The washer was recalled due to a leak in the first year of service. The leak was repaired very cheaply and will begin to leak again soon, however we now keep getting an ER code while running the normal cycle. We called the 800 number who don't know what the error uo means so we were told to call in a technician (at a cost to us). We will not spend any more money on this machine. It does not wash well at all. The dishes are quite often dirtier after a wash cycle than when we started.

FDBB2040FB1 by Stuart (Spartanburg, SC)
Just after the warranty ran out, the motor began to make a strange noise, then smell, then it died. RIP. $160 for a new washer motor?!?! Tried the "you don't have to scrub your pots and pans." Oh yeah, you do if you don't want this machine to cook food onto them! Also, steam so bad it constantly left streaks down the black front. Liked the roominess inside.

Frigidaire FGHD2433KF by Cristy (Grifton, NC)
This is our 2nd unit in 3 years and this one is now broken. I would rate 1 out 5.

Frigidaire FGHD2491LB Dishwasher by Lisa (PA)
Kickplate looks nothing like the photo. It's a short strip with the DW works and the baseboard trim exposed. Plus, there are 2 vertical slots where the unfinished light gray plastic shows through. After 2 letters (1 Sears, where purchased, 1 Frigidaire) 3 customer service contacts, I ended up with 2 more of the same kickplate and one too high to fit under THEIR DW. Sears response was to return the DW they installed. DW works OK, except the bottom rack doesn't roll right. It catches on the door almost every time. My Kitchen Aid didn't. Also, short tines on rack make it difficult to load. Better than hand washing. Not the best DW I had, and, we usually spend about the same. Like how the door looks. Is quieter than 7 yr old DW it replaced.

Frigidaire FGHD2491LB Dishwasher by Meg
We had less than 2 years..stopped draining...still under warranty but took over 3 months and four different repair companies to fix. Even blamed the installation, had to be re-done....This time they cut through our cabinets with the drain hose. After 15 months same problem and no longer under warranty. Since we spent over $600.00 for this machine, we will cut our losses...and never get a Frigidaire Appliance again!

Frigidaire FGHD2433KF1
Less than one!. DO NOT BUY. Replaced wash motor and cycle ball. Purchased 2010. Needs same repair Jan 2011. Does not clean top rack or dry.

Frigidaire - FGHD2433KF1 by Ann (Cherry Hill, NJ)
When I follow the Frigidaire's recommendation on where to place things in the bottom rack, water comes out of the bottom of the unit. When I called in the repairman (the unit is still under warranty), he informed me not to place things close to the front of the bottom rack - though Frigidaire is recommending it. Not very pleased with Frigidaire's dishwasher. Never had that problem with my former GE model.

Precise Direct Wash System GLD2445RFCO by Kim (Ohio)
1 Star--doesn't get dishes clean. I have tried all different brands of detergents-liquid and gels.

Frigidaire FGHD2433KF1 Ratings
We recently purchased this dishwasher from a local appliance center in Arlington Texas and have to say we are more than disappointed. After allowing for a month to break in and learn to operate properly (thinking the problem was us), I am beyond disappointed and have crossed the line to sheer anger. This is the worst excuse for a dishwasher. I have had to run more than one load through the wash cycle twice because it was hard to tell if they were clean. I rinse my dishes off good before loading, making sure there is nothing stuck on. However, others in the household will rinse but will load with a small amount of residue, and even after running small loads through the rinse only cycle (this I do when there is not enough to run a full load) and using the Heavy wash/hi temp setting, my dishes still come out with whatever residue is left still in tact and the rest of the load just never looks, feels or smells clean. My husband and I are constantly asking each other if the dishes in the dishwasher have been washed. This dishwasher is supposed to wash even the worst stuck on food as if the dishes were loaded without rinsing first. What a joke! Id love my money back so I could purchase a machine that did what I paid hundreds of dollars for it to do. I feel I'd be better off just washing them by hand and using the dishwasher to dry them, but the heat dry option doesn't always work either. If it weren't for the fact that we are buying all new platinum appliances and the old dishwasher would not match since it is black, I'd ripped this one out and put the old one back in. It wasn't great by any means and is old, but it cleaned much better than this one by far. Guess we'll be replacing our new Fridgedaire dishwasher by Electrolux Home Products Inc. sooner than we had ever imagined.

Frigidaire FGHD2433KF1 Ratings
My sister and I purchased this dishwasher last year had problems with it. It leaks from the bottom I had the teck replace the two splash guards which this washer never came with and it still leaks when it wants and this is a fall hazard to people walking into a water spill. I purchased more splash guards when this unit leaks water on my kitchen floor. My sister and I does not like this unit model fghd2433kf1 which we purchased the same day last year and she has the same problem leaking at times. We are tired to have a teck come out to fix this problem. I also had a drain pump installed with under a year on this dishwasher. Our dishes do not dry and we both have to take the dishes out and hand dry them. I was told by the teck to use Jet Dry which I did and this does not help they still come out wet. I was also told by the teck that washers that are grey inside instead of white do not dry the same with plastic tupperware items ect. This washer should be recalled and a full refund or replacement needed to us the consumers.

Frigidaire fdb4315lfco by Keith (Gooding, Idaho)
This dishwasher is JUNK. We have only owned it for five years and placed over $400 in repairs. It is broke down again and I refuse to put another cent into it. I am pulling it out and replacing it with anything other then a Frigidaire. In fact, all four of the Frigidaire products we purchased, stove, microwave, fridge, and the dishwasher have had issues. We purchased all these items at the same time. Please trust me, they are not worth the money.

Frigidaire FDB1250REC0 by Steven (Summersville WV)
Poor quality. Does not clean well. Does not always start when button pushed.

Frigidaire Model PLD2850RDC3 by Steve (Simsbury, CT)
Purchased Sept 2005. This dishwasher never cleaned well from the start. And now after less then 6 years, the circulating pump has failed. Repair told me the other pump (draining)is very noisy and would probably fail within a couple of years. The usuage was light as it is only my wife and I so we ran it on average 4 times per week. I will get a quote on the repair in a couple of days but I already know this will be expensive. I can't justify putting any money into this dishwasher. I am very disappointed that I would have a problem like this after less then 6 years of light use. My repair guy told me this problem is common with these dishwashers. I suppose I was lucky to get 5 years out of this one.

frigidaire fghd2433kf1 by Tom (South Bend, IN)
I thought I was getting a new dishwasher not a piece of junk this dishwasher making all kinds of loud noises , I don't even use it much it not like it's over worked, I just want everyone to no don't buy frigidaire they just don't last.

Frigidaire FDB1100RHB Dishwasher
1 star. We've owned this for a little over a year and it's been terrible. It doesn't clean well. It's loud. The electronics haven't worked correctly for a while. It will just shut off in the middle of a cycle or recently it has been starting by itself. Now it won't fill with water and run at all. Repairman said at least $200 for the electronics, so, we're shopping for a new one. Don't buy this!

Frigidaire FDB1502RGC1
The worst ever!!!

Frigidaire FDB1250REC1 Dishwasher Review by Judy (Tulsa, OK, USA)
Looks good, not too noisy, sanitizes dishes, but I have to get all food off of dishes or they won't get clean. I'm planning to replace it.

model # FGBD2431kw LOC 001 d/w,built in, wow by yasmine (santa Monica, Calif)
Bought dishwasher in March 2010 for rental home, rental empty for 9 months in year 2013 due to family crisis; therefore, dishwasher was not used. Today, dishwasher is not working well. Water at bottom of dishwasher not draining well, bottom fan not working. We had kitchen sink are snaked, even then the dishwasher is breaking down. I am not satisfied with the brand. To date, I have had two repairs. Henceforth, I will not be buying any products made by the company. I am extremely dissatisfied with the brand. I give it a #1 ver;y poor rating!!!!!

Frigidaire FGHD2433KF1 by Phil (Stevensville, MI, US)
1 Star P.O.S.! The thing is less than a year old and it has never done as good a job as my 10 year old Whirlpool cheepy model. This Frickinaire dishwasher won't give enough boost to push the spray arms around. Whatever dish the spray arms are pointed at gets clean but that's it!

Frigidaire - Professional Series by Dolores (Huntington Beach, Ca.)
Would not buy a Frigidaire Dishwasher again. Less then 3 years old and had to replace pump once and it is acting up again. Water does not drain right.

If you do not heed this warning and purchase this dishwasher, or ANY Frigidaire product for that matter, you will only have yourself to blame when it craps out on you in less than 2 years. Our dishwasher model number FGHD2433KW1, Serial# TH01267126, bought in May of 2010 started flashing PF around the 18 month mark. Warranty is for 1 year. Research shows ours is only one of many that have experienced this same failure. The only remedy is to call a repair technician and spend at least $100 to repair it. I've learned my lesson the hard way. NEVER buy Frigidaire. They have ALWAYS been considered a low end product, but I took a gamble that they had changed their ways. Shame on me, I should have known better. Buying a Bosch! KMA FrigiCrap!

Frigidaire Model FFBD2406NS
Has been nothing but problems. Known latch breakage issue, water leaking in several areas, and delay feature does not work. Have had 5 service calls with another scheduled. Offered to upgrade to better model and pay difference in price but Frigidaire would not entertain that idea. Builder placed in all homes in this new subdivision. Frigidaire not customer friendly or responsive has been my experience. Others in subdivision having similar issues. Save yourself time, money and aggravation and look at Maytag or Whirlpool. I have had these brands in years past and never had any issues AND I didn't have to wash my dishes before washing my dishes in the dishwasher!

Frigidaire FGHD2433KF1 Review by Robyn (Tallahassee)
Rating: One star. 3 months into using our dishwasher it started to make a terrible noise. We called about it and they said the motor needed to be changed, that it was faulty. A repair person came and said he had repaired many of these models and for us to expect that in another 3 months we would need a new motor as this one would also become noisy. Sure enough in 3 months that motor began to fail too. Then things became really interesting when there was a fiasco with Frigidaire saying that they were producing a new motor to replace the faulty old model and the repair company and Frigidaire could not get it straight which motor model to put on our dishwasher. Three motors later they finally got it right and we thought we were home free.Thank goodness we had purchased an extended warranty. Less than a month after that the electrical started giving us problems. One time we simply could not turn on the machine. Then we could finally (the next day) turn it on but the machine seemed to have its own idea about which settings it would run on and we no longer had control over which settings to run loads on. Of course we called Frigidaire AGAIN and they said they would exchange our machine. Lowes said we must have had a lemon. They tell us the machines produced since we bought our first (only 9 months ago!) have different motors and we won't have any problems. So, we get our new machine and the warranty starts over. We feel cautiously satisfied. When it is installed I complain that the right side of the handle is not flush with the door. When I open the machine from a fully closed position I can hear and feel the handle on the right side click. It is loose. The installer says they cannot do anything about it and it is probably a problem from the factory. We call Lowes. They say they will send someone (turns out to be the installer) to look at it but before they get back to us the handle comes completely off on the right side! Now our handle is only attached on the left side. Three days after we get it I am running a load with the broken handle and lo and behold, the same loud, grinding noise returns with this new machine with the supposedly "newly designed motor." So, I guess the new design just breaks faster. What a disappointment and a piece of junk. We are getting a new dishwasher and it will definately NOT be a Frigidaire!

Frigidaire FGHD2433KF1 Review by Ace
I want to put my two cents about this dishwasher. I bought it at Lowe's the Saturday after black Friday in 2011. I did not buy the extended warranty since i did not feel it was warranted. I had the dishwasher installed by my handyman. When we first began using the machine, it was super quiet, i almost had to put my ear to the door to make sure it was working. After 3 months of use it began to get loud. I did not mind it because it was still doing the job of cleaning the dishes pretty good. A little over a year after we bought it, one of the springs that holds the door broke. I know the machine was out of warranty, but i e-mailed Frigidaire to see if they would send me a new spring based on the fact that i felt it was a manufacture defect. Obviously they declined to give me the part because it was out of warranty, it was a good try anyway. So i ordered the part from E-bay and i installed myself. Two weeks pass by and i hear a loud noise under the dishwasher, upon investigation, i learned that one of the friction cables that holds the door broke. Well, guess what? I had to order the part in the internet. I received it and i installed myself. So far nothing else has gone wrong with the dishwasher but I will not hold my breath. Bottom line, this dishwasher has been disappointing. I will not buy another Frigidaire dishwasher again. I do not recommend for anyone to buy this product.

Frigidaire FDB2810 Dishwasher Review by John (Massachusetts)
Rating: 1 Star. Horrid. 4 years of poor performance and it's all done.

Frigidaire 2432 Dishwasher Rating by R. (California)
We're dissapointed in this dishwasher primarily because it is the slowest one we've ever seen! It goes on and on for hours. Doesn't dry very well either. We're going to sell it and get a different one.

frididaire FDBB4365FC3 by Kathie (Houston, TX)
We have had this model for 3 years. Had problems with the control panel. Had it replaced, $200., and still doesn't work. It had to be cleaned and maintained every month or the dishes did not get cleaned. Many of my dishes have chipped don't know if that is from due to the dishwasher or not, but never had this problem before. Frigidaire should be fined and quartered for selling this piece of %^$#

Frigidaire Dishwasher Model FDB100RHSO by Audrey (Nova Scotia, Canada)
I have had my 'new' dishwasher in use for one year. We are only two adults. Yesterday it just stopped working, just after the warranty ran out! Needless to say, I am not at all impressed and find it difficult to give this model even 1 star. It was noisy, and very often did not clean the dishes properly and they had to be washed again. Not a great ad for Frigidaire!

4000 Series AquaSurge Technology with Speed Clean Model FDB4315LF by Donna (Virginia)
I would only give this dishwasher 1 star. It seems to me it has been nothing but trouble ever since I've owned it. I bought it on 11-2-08. It never gets my glasses clean. It somehow throws the nasty water back up on the glasses and then it sticks and dries there all over the inside and outside of the glass. Also, all of my glasses are left with a major water spot on the bottom of the glass. I'm extremely disappointed with this dishwasher and I'm currently looking to buy another one. I personally don't think there's any hope for this one and I regret not taking it back to the store from the beginning.

Model FDB4315LF by Clearly
Bought this dishwasher in 2008 at lowes. It has had 3control panels since then and it just broke again and will need another replacement panel. Fortunately for me I purchased the 4 yr extended warranty. It expires 9-21 so once I have it fixed this time I will probably have to buy a new one in a year. Not a good dishwasher. Very disappointed with my purchase. Total waste of hard earned money. :(

PLD4375RFC by Don (Surrey, BC Canada)
A very poor design in that all control buttons are on the top of the door as is the locking mechanism. This allows water to enter into the control panel rendering the dishwasher unusable. I have now replaced the control panel once and it has failed again. I need a more reliable dishwasher. I would give it zero points for reliability.

Frigidaire Model FFBD2407LW0B
1 star. Worst dishwasher we ever had. (out of 5) Very poor job of washing food off dishes. Doesn't reach the bottoms of tall glasses. Poor opening handle. Not much to grab a hold of. Doesn't accommodate bowls too well. Rack layout is poor. It's runs quiet but doesn't wash dishes worth a darn. Save your money and look elsewhere.

Fridgidaire Model FDB126RBB2 (St. Albert, AB, Canada)
It was a basic dishwasher that came with a spec home. It worked fine for about 5 1/2yrs....then it just stopped spraying inside. Was told not worth fixing but rather just buy a new one.

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