Frigidaire FGHD2433KF1

by Scott Arnold
(Lees Summit, MO)

My wife and I bought a full set of appliances for our new house. We wanted a matching set, and ended up selecting the Frigidaire Gallery line.

From the start, the dishwasher is the appliance we were least happy with. It is the highest-end dishwasher in the Gallery line, but is still plastic on the inside without much vertical space.

It was very quiet at first, which is what we liked most about it. But after only a month, it's greatest selling point flew out the window as it started making a terrible noise during parts of the washing cycle.

The noise it makes is similar to the sound of a spinning part loose on it's bearing, like an old dying fan in a computer. After some research, I see this is a common problem in this particular model of dishwasher. There are videos of the sound you can find pretty easy online, and many reviews from people who have this problem, some who have had it "fixed" time and time again, only to have it reoccur.

This model of dishwasher needs to be recalled. Avoid this model at all costs. It is a terrible value. It's only real selling point turns out to be it's biggest flaw.

I don't see where I provide the 1-5 rating. So if this review shows up with more than 1 star, that's why. Unless a permanent fix is found for the noise it makes, it's a 1 star dishwasher. Fixed, I would give it 3 stars.

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