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Kenmore Dishwasher Ratings - Kenmore Elite Ultrawash Dishwasher Model 665.1379 by Donna (Huntersville, NC)
Worked great until it broke after only three years of use. Three appliance technicians tried to figure out the problem with no success. They replaced the control board and the touch pad control. It stopped in midcycle with several of the touch pad lights blinking and water still in the bottom. Very frustrating!!! So now after three weeks of trying to figure out the problem and having no dishwasher, I have to replace it!!!

Comment: My Kenmore "Elite" is in its sixth year and in the process of burning-up its third control panel. Sears quality is no longer expected and their products are no longer desireable. The meltdown seems to take a couple of months to inactivate the unit, all the while increasing amounts of burned mother board smell off-gas until failure. I will not be replacing this control again- or buying another kenmore unit. Nor will I again buy anything by their manufacturer!

Comment: Same problem here on my 665.1378. Any resolution? I swapped out the main control board and the detergent dispenser and the TR4 triac burned out again after a week. The TR4 triac scorch marks was the same problem as on the first control board. Also the wiring looks like it overheated and the detergent dispenser melted the cover to the inductor.

Ultra Wash 665 by Sue (Kansas)
A total lemon. Constant problems. Computer constantly going out. Never buy this dishwasher.

Kenmore Quiet Guard Standard 587.15193402 by Brenda (Louisiana)
This dishwasher never cleaned as well as the twenty one year old it replaced. It is 5 years old and is getting progressively worse. I would give it a 0 rating.

Kenmore Model 665 1603 4401 by Jerre (Lompoc, ca)
It used to work perfectly but now the dishes on the top rack do not get clean. Crap is still in the cups and the glasses are foggy.

Kenmore Elite Model #665-16279400 (Park City, UT)
DO NOT BUY - As soon as the warranty ended we had problems with this dishwasher. Now, it is not sufficiently cleaning the the dishes. We will not buy another Kenmore.

Kenmore Ultrawash Model #6651374 by Carol (Wake Forest)
This dishwasher starting falling apart in the first few weeks with some of the plastic rack holders breaking off. Now at only 1.5 years old, the water valve has gone bad as well as the control panel. Got an estimate to fix it and it's over $300 just in parts! Even the repairman said it probably isn't worth fixing since I could buy a new one for that price. I just don't feel like I should have to buy a new unit after just 1.5 years of use. I have never had good luck with Kenmore products, but this is by far the worst one yet.

Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash QuiteGuard Deluxe by Julie (Chattanooga, TN)
Before my dishwash was one year old the control panel had to be replace. The dishwasher is now three years old and it appears that the control panel has gone out again. The dishwasher looks like it has not power at all none of the buttons work. Piece of junk.

Kenmore Elite #13943
2 stars. The door latch broke after just 2 weeks. Replacement part was not available so we had to go back to Sears and pick out another model. Very frustrating.

Kenmore Ultra Wash by Denise (St.Cloud,MN)
2 Never buy where the racks are adjustable they leak and the upper arms don't work very well because the water leaks where the rack fits in the back, tried putting washers on and worked for a while now that won't even work. Dishwasher is only 5 years old.

Kenmore Elite 13973 by Richard
Great for 13 months - then nothing but problems. Sears has been out 2 time to try to fix it. Wanted over $600.00 to start with until i complained that it had 2 yr. warranty on parts. They charged me $144.00 up front and have not fixed it yet. It has been down for 4 weeks. Will not buy another Kenmore product.

Kenmore Elite Ultrawash Stainless Steel dishwasher 66513963K017 by Mrs. McC (Kansas City Area, Kansas, USA)
Purchased June 2013. Big beautiful dishwasher with lots of space and upper and lower spray bars and several cycles. The stainless steel interior makes drying more efficient. The upper rack can be raised to accommodate larger sized items below. We use Cascade Platinum packs. We regularly run dishwasher cleaner through it. Despite these facts, however, it does not clean dishes as well as it should, and not as well as our last Kenmore. (Our previous 2008 Kenmore died after four and half years of heavy use, and I believe that if we'd known to use Cascade Platinum pellets instead of liquid it would have lasted longer.) This dishwasher often leaves bits of debris and fails to completely clean off egg from the breakfast dishes. The motor has been replaced once under warranty, after five months. It performs ok, with the correct detergent, but not as well as it should. To get dishes clean (and even then it's not perfect) I have to use pots/pans cycle with sani wash and sani rinse options added. Other complaints concern the racks and the cycles. The rack components seem more rickety than the previous model. Also, the previous model had two full flip-down wine-glass holder racks, while this model has only two glass holder clips. The delay start feature is popular in our home, but instead of a 2 hour delay option, which was the one we always used, this model has a 4 hour delay option, and in view of how it does not clean as well as the previous Kenmore model did, I'm afraid to add four hours of wait time, with the food drying on, before the washing starts.

Kenmore 13749 by Sotiris (Los Angeles, CA)
I have one significant complaint. The control buttons on the panel are peeling off. I think it is a manufacturing defect as opposed to damage from steam. It unsightly and I am not happy about it. I have had the machine since May 2008.

Kenmore MD#587.15253402 Dishwasher Review by disappointed (milwaukee, wi)
The dishwasher door has always been very difficult to close. Was told that is how they are made now. I don't believe this. You also have to rinse all the dishes because there is no food disposal in it and the food then can get into the pipes and cause a big mess. You also have to be careful on how you load it or the dishes will not all get clean! Also, it is very loud, you have to use the delay feature if you are going to watch TV or listen to the radio. Before the 1 year warranty was up the hinges on the door broke, the motor broke, and the seal broke. Not all the same problem so they say it is not a lemon, but the hinges still are not right. If your foot is in the wrong place when you open the door it will get hit, in other words the door almost goes to the floor when open. It is also really hard to close, my 11 year old has trouble! At about 1.25 yrs old, the mechanism for the soap dispenser broke, it will not open in the wash cycle if closed. Now at less then 2 1/2 yrs old I noticed the racks are starting to rust on a few of the tips, really at 2 1/2 yrs! And I think the motor is broke again because it is really, really loud.

Kenmore elite 2007 model
The dishwasher worked great. However the door latch continued to unlock during the cycle. Had a Sears repair in for 6 service calls with replacement lock, removal of insulation, entire door replaced...thank goodness I continued to buy the extended warranty as I am now looking for a new diswasher and this one isn't yet five years old.

Kenmore Elite 66577962K703 by Len (Amherst N.Y.)
The worst piece of junk you can throw money at. The water temperature circuit is a joke - pure hit or miss. Post warranty we had so many problems that we eventually wrote off the Dishwasher. The worst part is that even Sears does not understand how to trouble shoot the problem.

Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher by Dawn (Calgary, Ab, Canada)
Poor - when we first bought our dishwasher I had the repair man in on a regular basis - at least four times during the first six months. Instead of "fighting" with the poor cleaning quality, I started rinsing the dishes prior to placing them in the dishwasher. I decided that the sani function was still worth going through the dishwasher process. Now I'm no longer convinced that the sani function works, and because I pre-wash my dishes, I can't tell how clean they are. Obviously I'm looking for a new dishwasher.

Kenmore 16022 by Alan (Chicago)
1 star. Never really washed that well, even when brand new. Could not clean dishes if they were even a bit dirty when put in dishwasher.After 5 years the top rack (which never got that clean) is not receiving any water from the top arm and the soap is not getting completely dissolved in the dispenser. Need a $200 part to fix, plus labor. Better off getting a brand new washer. Will never buy another Kenmore. Either make it so it works and doesn't break or don't sell it.

Kenmore 13193 Dishwasher Review by gordon (Victoris BC, CAN)
Just purchased, the sales person talked us out of Bosch.

Kenmore Elite 13969 by MBB (Birmingham, Al)
I was excited to be getting a new dishwasher since mine was so old and not cleaning like it should. Went to Sears and the salesman said he had the "best" one on sale. Guess I should have headed for the door then. But we bought it and I've used it 3 times.... trying different settings each time. My dishes are almost clean when they go into the dishwasher so I was shocked to see grime plastered on the bowls when I took them out. This third time was the straw that broke the camels back... I am calling Sears tomorrow to come and take the dishwasher back. It does not work and cost us $800 by the time it was installed and the old one hauled away.

Kenmore elite by R White (Thomaston ga)
3 problems from the beginning . Do yourself a favor , spend alittle extra and get a better dishwasher that is made better , useful and will last longer than 2 years ! Yes , 2 years is what we got out of our Kenmore Elite and most of that time it didn't work right ! Dissatisfied Totally !

elite mod. 665.13112k70 by bob (west hills ca.)
mediocre washer foom start and got poor to bad washing with time.wss most expensive and quietest washer unit we ever now looking for a new washer.

Kenmore Elite 66577962K703 by Len (Toronto Canada)
Not the dishwasher we thought we were getting after paying a lot for it. The dishes fail to come out clean as the water temperature has consistently failed to get high enough to clean like the last Kenmore we had for 16 years. The problem with water temperature causes more problems than just not clean dishes and cutlery. It also requires manual cleaning of grease - leave alone the food that has to be cleaned out. Never buying Kenmore again.

Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash Dishwasher
One star! We thought it was working great for 4 years, now just discovered that it has been leaking a slow leak for a long time. Sears came, said they had to order a part, and are making us wait 10 days while the unit is leaking 7 days a week 24 hours a day, Sears insists that the tech that came cannot do something to stop the leak in the meantime, so, I come home to a pond in my kitchen every day. The floor is completely ruined as it leaked under the flooring for God knows how long! I'm afraid to see what the floor boards look like when we pull up the floor.Plus, Sears makes you pay for the service visit even before they perform the work!

PIECE OF S...... Of course NOTHING breaks until the one year bullcrap warranty is up, and then they won't fix anything. Talk about a piece of just straight up CRAP! Goes through only LIGHT use. ALL dishes are damn near clean before they go into the dishwasher, and yet, dishes come out dirty - meaning you can feel leftover particles on all the dishes. And, explain to me why it refuses to drain or fill. Computer is probably out already. Takes far too long to clean a light or regular - God forbid a heavy load- of dishes. IT'S NO WONDER THE SUBDIVISION BUILDER SWITCHED TO GE!!! EVEN THEY REALIZE WHAT WORTHLESS GARBAGE THIS BRAND OF DISHWASHER IS! Oh, and by the way, the awesome microwave and stove are of the same crappy quality. If we would have had the option to buy another brand, I would have definitely bought another brand. I knew it was crap from the get-go, but had no choice. Nice.

Kenmore Model 665 by CK (Austin, TX)
Terrible. 5 years old. Have had to get it repaired 3 times. Used to clean dishes well, but now that has also stopped. I believe its water pump has gone bad now.

Kenmore 66513742K601 Dishwasher
We are replacing half of our kitchen due to a slow leaking Kenmore. The wall board is soaked, the carpet next to the kitchen is ruined, and we are out thousands of dollars due to a high deductible. This and every other Kenmore appliance we have ever had has been total crap! Never again!

Kenmore Elite by Barbara (Apache Junction, Az.)
Pump keeps breaking and the cost to repair is $300.00, inferior product, not recommended.

Kenmore 18" 587.1440/1441 by Steve (Kensington, MD, USA)
LOUD LOUD LOUD. Takes forever to clean (if it actually ever did) then forever to dry. Now the water pump impeller motor is burned out. ABSOLUTE CRAP. "Sears Has Everything" Remember that ad jingle in the 60's? What Sears really has is... the size of melons to sell this garbage to the public. I used to feel sorry when I saw a Sears store close but now I know why. Leave this junk in China where its "manufactured". The "Made in China" stickers should instead replace the old green skull & crossbones "Poison" labels. I'm really sick of being ripped off & force fed bad consumer goods. Why we working Americans have to pay to bolster the economy of the 3rd world makes me ill.

Kenmore Elite Model 665.1379 by Mack (Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91737)
Kenmore products are piece of crAP!!! We bought washer, dryer and dishwasher at the same time and 2 yrs later, noises everywhere on the washer when washing and dishwasher does not work. I will NEVER buy Kenmore brand ever!!!

Kenmore Elite
On a scale of 1 to 5 it gets a solid 2. Cycle is long. Machine is ineffective & inefficient. We had to have it repaired twice within the first sixty days of use. We got another three years of use out of it before it started acting up again. Now the top doesn't get clean. We're forced into the market for a dishwasher after just five years. These machines are supposed to be better than that.

Ultra Wash Dishwasher
Hate it--does not dispose of food, although it works well overall. Have had multiple repairs (cleanings). Getting rid of it.

Kenmore 13123
It stinks. It may look nice but it takes forever to wash the dishes and it cannot even clean tea/coffee stains from the mugs. It's horrible. All its good for is to heat the stains into the dishes or heat food onto the silverware. Click here to post comments

Ultra wash 665.1374 by Tony (Medina,Ohio)
I purchased this washer because I use to subscribe to consumer reports and they rated this model as the top dishwasher,after using it for a while we noticed food on the dishes and glassesand then about a month after the 1 year warranty was up the electronic panel stopped working on certain modes.I went back to CR online and read reviews from actual consumers and found that 90+% were very disappointed not only with the dishwasher but also with CR,also 1 of my reasons for cancelling my subscritions,I am not sure if this machine is on the market anymore,but whether it is or you are thinking of buying it used,DON'T you will be very upset with your purchase. I would give this a 1/2 star and that is being nice.

Comment: I also purchased the same model because CR stated it was great. The pump has gone out twice since 2008. When the pump isn't working the dishes don't come clean. The first time it was replaced I found out that the pump is made in China. And after the technician was done he found that the new pump was no good and had to order another one. As long as the companies keep buying inferior Chinese parts our appliances are NOT going to be reliable.

Kenmore UltraWash Quiet Guard 3 (bought in 2004) by Luz (Oakland, CA)
This lasted about 6 years before it stopped working. I made the mistake of contacting Sears instead of an appliance repair person. It cost ~$250-300 to replace the electrical panel. About one year later, it went completely kaput. We tried replacing the electrical panel and the fuses- still doesn't work. I just read on a forum that the electrical panel damaged another part of the dishwasher so badly that it wasn't worth repair. I think that is what happened to our dishwasher. I won't buy Kenmore (whirlpool) again. I would give it 2 out of 5 stars.

Kenmore 8530889 SmartWash by jules (Nanaimo BC Canada)
Noisy gets stuck in cycle lasts more than 120 minutes. Id give it a 3 in rating

Kenmore 587-15262900
Plus: It came with my townhome and washed dishes as expected. Minus: 18 months later VERY loud grinding sound. Based on web search is probably bearings in motors. Trying to decide to fix or replace. Motor $85 plus S&H and Labor.

Kennmore Elite Dishwasher 665.13862K602 by John K. (Leesburg, VA)
Owned less than three years, worst performing unit we have owned. Cheaply made, never really gets the dishes clean, poor wash strength, dishes frequenly need to be re-rinsed. Performancce has now degraded to the point where I am just trashing it. I hated the GE units we owned before - thought this (rather expensive unit) would be better, but it was just as bad. My wife disliked it from the start - I should have returned it at that moment. DON'T BUY KENNMORE - it is NOT a better unit. I'm beginning to think that the industry needs to rethink the whole dishwasher concept and make a leap in technology. Too many dishwashers going to the landfills too soon imho (<3 yrs is a disgrace).

Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash Quiet Guard Delux by Donna (Juneau, AK)
Kenmore Elite 655.13102k902 washes fine, but after about 1.5 years the buttons on the control panel are starting to peel off. We don't want to pay $100 plus installation fees for a new panel every one to two years. Calling the Sears service repair via chat online and by phone said we were the first they had heard of the buttons coming off. The new model does not have the same kind of buttons indicating Sears has corrected the problem but there has not been a recall on the older (two years ago) model.

Kenmore Ultra Wash 665.13742k601 by Lesa (Marion. Ohio)
The pump has gone out twice in 4 years. When the pump isn't working correctly the dishes don't come clean.

Portable 587.1441 Review by J. R. (Forest Park, GA)
1. Loading even four place settings with salad bowls and glasses is difficult, not only due to size of compartment but because rack is poorly designed to hold pieces of china apart. 2. Hot water connection to faucet leaks constantly, at 4 ounces per minute, carefully measured. If you leave the thing connected to work overnight (8 hrs), you waste 15 gallons, plus the energy to heat that much water. Leave it 3 hrs on the timer at normal wash setting and waste 2 gallons, if you turn the water off quickly. When local Sears was contacted, they said the connection was not defective. The connection device was identical to their unit on the floor, not faulty in their view. 3. Hoses and electric cord are stowed by cramming them into space in back. Sometimes they go in easily, sometimes not. Overall, this model is a nuisance to use and should be recalled to correct the leakage problem. I would not buy it if I had it to do over.

Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash 665.1392
This unit had good reviews but we found that its control panel electronics were unreliable. It was quiet and washed well. In the units first 5 months we had to have 5 replacement console panels& 1 control box. When this did not solve our problem, the unit was classed as alemon - still under warranty - and we selected a replacement. We chose an upgraded AElite. BIG mistake! Within 3 months the console light (for sanitize) was mafunctioning. Machines noise level was slowly increasing, and finally after 5 months of use the machine failed, dumping hot water on the vinyl floor. Service technician inspected and said the pump had 'fallen off'. Now after delays as to a replacement pump Sears has advised us to return unit under warranty and select a new model. It will NOT be a Kenmore!

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