Kennmore Elite
Dishwasher 665.13862K602

by John K.
(Leesburg, VA)

Owned less than three years, worst performing unit we have owned.

Cheaply made, never really gets the dishes clean, poor wash strength, dishes frequenly need to be re-rinsed. Performancce has now degraded to the point where I am just trashing it.

I hated the GE units we owned before - thought this (rather expensive unit) would be better, but it was just as bad. My wife disliked it from the start - I should have returned it at that moment. DON'T BUY KENNMORE - it is NOT a better unit.

I'm beginning to think that the industry needs to rethink the whole dishwasher concept and make a leap in technology. Too many dishwashers going to the landfills too soon imho (<3 yrs is a disgrace).

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