KitchenAid Dishwasher Ratings by Consumers

KitchenAid KDFE304DSS

KitchenAid Dishwasher Ratings - KUDS30IXWH Dishwasher Review
Rated: 1 Star. I cannot believe this dishwasher does NOT have a rinse and hold cycle. I can't believe I didn't notice that before having it installed, but I really didn't know they made dishwashers without a rinse and hold cycle. That is a major disadvantage. Took hours to get bottom access panel on even with the "new and improved" directions. I hate this dishwasher. I want my old Whirpool back.

KitchenAid KUDS50FVSS3 Review by Peter (Regina, Canada)
Our experiences with this dishwasher were just terrible. It is not washing properly in the upper part leaving traces of food on the glasses etc. There were four attempts to repair it under warranty, with no results. As far as I can tell, this is a perfect lemon.

Comment: 4years old, just broke again for the fifth time. Only two in houesehold so not used heavily approx 3 times a week. Two times main board, two times soap dispenser and now it is just dead, no lights nothing.Had a Maytag before that for sixteen years and was still working till we decided to swap out for stainless steel and alas went with Kitchen Aid.

Comment: I could not agree with you more on the poor review of the KitchenAid dishwasher. I bought it because my mother has an older model and it washes like there's no tomorrow. This Kitchen Aid dishwasher that we bought in Dec. 2009 leaves the dishes on the top level looking like they've simply not been washed and the bottom level dishes like they've just been rinsed. I thought Kitchen Aid had a great reputation??? We'll be looking for a full refund. It's unacceptable to have spent $1,000 on equipment that doesn't work!

KUDS35FXSS by Carrie (Denver, NC)
I am so sorry I bought this dishwasher. It doesn't work or clean as well as my 11 year old GE Profile, wish I had stayed with that brand. The first thing the Kitchenaid did was grow mold on dishes (which had been lightly rinsed) after just a day sitting in the dishwasher. Within 3 days, my entire kitchen smelled like rotten food. I ran vinegar through it a couple of times and started leaving the door ajar at the suggestion of the salesperson where I bought it. I bought the flat front with hidden controls for the look and now I have to have the door hanging open. It is difficult to position most of my dishes on the racks and I can only load about half the amount I used to get in my GE which means I run it twice as often so there goes any water or energy savings. Dishes have to really be rinsed off or they don't come clean. I tried the Pro-Scrub option once and it only seemed to bake the food particles on the dish which meant I had to scrub it myself anyway. I never used the drying cycle on the old GE, just cracked the door for air drying to save energy. The Kitchenaid REQUIRES the drying cycle to be used. Also, the delay cycle doesn’t work all the time. I checked the manual so I’m sure I’m pushing the right buttons but again this morning I found it hadn’t run overnight. This dishwasher is more trouble than it's worth and a lot of times, I just hand wash my dishes so I don't have to deal with it. So, in essence, I just have a very expensive stainless steel panel in my updated kitchen.

kitchenaid #kudso1flss3 by sakir (oak hill va 20171 )
simple no good during washing door opens

Kitchenaid KUDS40CVSS Dishwasher Review by Unhappy (Canada)
Our dishwasher worked well for just over a year and then started leaving white residue on everything. We were told to change detergents. We tried 4 kinds. Were told to use Glisten to clean things out - we did it. The repairman said a new pump was required at a cost of over $350 and of course the warranty had expired. I called the retailer who said, "call Kitchenaid." Kitchenaid said, "tough luck." We threw out the Kitchenaid after just 15 months. We had been planning on a new Kitchenaid double wall oven, invection cooktop and fridge. They sure chased us away. NO STARS!

Terrible! We have had five repairs the first three months of purchase: Faulty fuse,faulty control panel,faulty rinse dispenser and faulty wiring harness (replaced Twice!). It does not clean anywhere near as well as our previous KitchenAid diswashers. What has happened? My rating is: minus five stars

kitchen aid kudc101xwh by BIG D (Portland Oregon...USA)
I would rate it a 5....this is my 3rd Kitchen Aid...had a Bosch for about 5 years it was a piece of crap....this new kitchen it hands down.

I would give it a zero. The pump was replaced during warranty. We have replaced both of the rack brackets due to broken wheels. Now having control panel problems w/ dimly lit lights and the dishwasher will not wash at all. It is 14 months old, 2 months out of warranty. I will NEVER by Whirlpool or Kitchen aide again. Kitchen aide tried to charge for the pump issue stating that the dishwasher was out of warranty although they had my documents showing it was 3 months old a purchased through Sears. If took 5 phone calls and faxes to clear up the $700 they wanted to charge for the in warranty repair.

KitchenAid KUDS301 Review
Star Rating -(1) Controls don't work, Lock-out won't turn on and when it does it won't turn off. Dishes don't come clean. Not enough space inside compared to my previous Kenmore model. Overall not a good choice. Purchased January 2011 returning February 2011.

Comment: Before the warranty expired, I needed to replace the top rack because the rollers broke. I was told that the rollers and the racks were not covered by warranty. I shelled out about $85.00 to get the parts and my husband put back together for me. Right after warranty expired, the machine stopped midway through the cycle and wouldn't rinse and complete. I was told it needed a new control panel - for $300. The problem still existed and was told I needed another part for about $270. The original unit was about $750. Whoa. I've decided to cut my losses and start over. The company, whom I contacted after the initial problem, did not stand behind their product and I am disheartened with this brand.

Comment: From the looks of the interior, with stainless tub and all, the price (not cheap), and the supposed features, we expected a top notch machine. Not even close. Chief complaint is dirty dishes dispite the long cycle time. I agree with others that the interior space is misleading. I also find the tines down the center of the top rack are too far apart to hold bowls in place. The 10 year-old Kenmore Supreme we bought for our last house is superior at cleaning.

KUDE40FXBL by Roz (Ontario, Canada)
Generally pleased with load capacity and cleaning. Casserole dishes do not come out clean if you've been roasting .... still need steelwool, cleanser after the cycle to get rid of burned on specks. This is even with power scrub at the back of the machine, which also restricts the number of dishes that can be washed at the same time...the pot scrubber feature takes up what amounts to a whole row otherwise available. Does not handle deep soup bowls well unless on the upper rack but I find that that rack loads up quicky with glasses and plastics so the deep bowls have to go down on the bottom. Big Peeve: no readout of time remaining. I knew this when I bought the dishwasher (I did so in a hurry, when it was on sale and my existing Maytag gave up just before a holiday in the spring) but didn't realize it would be so annoying...Also, my old Maytag had unlimited delay options...this model only has a 4 hour delay. We're operating on time of day differentials in electricity costs in Ontario...a little more flexibility would be great. BIGGEST, MOST ANNOYING PEEVE is the incredibly useless cutlery slots that fit over the basket to separate cutlery. The genius who designed this system has obviously never loaded a dishwasher. They simply don't stay in and come out with the cutlery when the dishwasher is being emptied. I've cut back to using only 2 to keep knives in position. I curse this feature everytime I have to load and unload as they constantly pop out of the channel. I have a cheap Sears Kenmore dishwasher at the cottage which has the same bottom rack cutlery configuration but with a permanently installed flip down cutlery works beautifully, is adaptable to various needs for the basket and I don't lose my cool whenever I have to load/unload cutlery.

KitchenAid KUDE48FXWH by Erik (Bountiful, Utah, USA)
We have now had this dishwasher about a month. It is one of the best we have ever had. Dishes, glasses and silverware are sparkling clean and completely dry. We just love it. It replaced a new Bosch dishwasher which was a piece of junk.

Model KUDS30IXBL1. Terrible dishwasher. Less than 18 months old and needs to be replaced. Dishwashing dispenser broke. Top rack wheels are flimsy and broke ($100 to fix) and now the control board needs to be replaced. Controls never did really work correctly and got to the point it no longer runs a complete cycle and dishes are not clean - usually not long enough to dissolve the detergent. Worst dishwasher I have owned in 35 years.

Cheap Cheap top rack roller system! Top rack falls onto lower rack breaking dishes!!! (There is to much slop in the side bar & with any weight the rollers pop off & the rack falls) We are on the third repair- It's not the repair guys falt because he can only replace the parts with the exact same cheap parts..............Hello KitchenAid you need to get of your duffs & do a re-call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & quit breaking my dishes

KitchenAid KUDS35FXSS Dishwasher Review by Roman (Randolph NJ)
We heard that Kitchenaid is a reliable dw and went with it. We replaced a 4 year old LG which we had to repair 6 times, each time for a different issue. We decided to install it ourselves, knowing that the installers don't do a good job fitting the appliances well into the kitchen cabinets. From the first glance, the outside of the machine looked cheap- the insulation was lose; the drain hose was not attached; there was some weird piece of rubber with insulation, which I later learned was a sound proof insulation for the bottom of the DW. I didn't have to worry about any of these things with the LG. Everything was attached, no lose insulation - all ready to be slid into the cabinet. Well, the lose insullation became a problem when I had to remove the machine to adjust the back wheels (albeit, I give them a credit for making the back wheels go up and down) - it didn't hold up to the machine, and had to be put back on. After we leveled the DW and attached the hoses and put the weird sound proof insulation (it took 4 hours to get to this point) we loaded the washer and went to bed. The following morning we checked the dishes and thought it did a good job, although we noticed some water still not being totally evaporated despite the heat option we used. One last thing I needed to do to complete installation was to secure the dishwasher from tilting which I expected to be a 5 minute job based on my previous experience with LG. Well, when I popped the decorative covers from the sides of the DW, I learned that there were no brackets installed to the frame. So I went back to the instructions, and found out that the included brackets to use to attach the DW to the countertop, could be used to attach the DW to the side cabinets. Well, the manual that came with the DW had a small picture with very limited instructions. I had no clue how to attach them bases on those instructions. My wife pulled up the instructions from the web- still not sure why, but those had a detailed explanation of how to attach the brackets. Of course, it required the DW to be removed yet again from the cabinet. Insulation fell off, hoses needed to be removes, not to mention the stupid sound proof insulation for the bottom of the DW. We pulled it out, attached the brackets, and as I was putting the insulation back on the DW I realized that the left side of the DW was soaking wet. What the... I said. This must be from the heat option. Right away we called the salespeson at the store asking to exchange it for another brand - as we knew this was going to be a serious problem. Of course we were told that we were out of luck replacing it and were instructed to call for service. I laughed, and figured the service will just tell me the same thing I knew myself. So I decided to install a vapor barrier to my kitchen cabinet to protect it from moisture. I taped with a foil tape a piece of plastic to the outside of te cabinet and back wall. In comparisson, the LG had a plastic cover around it's sidearm and back - someone gave a little more thought to the moisture issue. Finally we put the DW back, attached the hoses, etc, leveled, attached the ugly looking handle (never seen any appliances where a handle had to be attached separately). Filled it in with dishes, put it on. Washed fine, bu still not drying completely. Well, last frustrating issue is the utensils container - piece of garbage by design. The top covers to stay secured and fall through the container. I can't believe it. Just a poor design. Also, while I was flipping the DW on it back, I saw one of the components had a not so rare label " made in China" - this was a scary moment as I still don't trust Chinese when it comes down to precision and reliability. Thank god I bought a 5 year warranty! Will update if I notice any other issues.

HORRRRRRRIBLE FOR THE PRICE DONT BUY IT on off panel fails top rack falls down, huge disappointment for such a pricy machine should be 299.99 not 699.99. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE

Kitchen Aid kudsoiflss3 by Pat (Brick New Jersey)
In my opinion it is top end garbage, nothing but trouble. The door keeps poping open. I had to replace the door strings, one broke called for service and replaced them with stronger strings. The service man told me the mfg. knows about the problems. I called customer relations they said they were sorry for my inconvience, they could not do anything for me. Stay away from Kitchen Aid. It is a definitely 1 star.

Kitchen aid KUDC20CVSS
4 major repairs in 3 years. Arching in the control panel, modules and fuses burning out repeatedly.

KUDS301XSS0 Review
We have had this dishwasher just barely over a year and should have returned it. Top rack is held by flimsy plastic brackets which had to be replaced under warranty less than one year old. Control panel has went out 2 weeks after warranty ended. This is the worst appliance I have ever purchased. I would give anything to have my old Maytag back which I had for 10 years. I thought Kitchenaid was top of the line for dishwashers and spent over $700 for this appliance. This is my first Kitchenaid appliance and my last.

KUDP01FL Dishwasher Review by John (Morris County, NJ)
This dishwasher has been a big disappointment. Only 6 years old, we've needed to have the door hinges repaired 3 times already and now it won't start. The dishracks are not sturdy and many have broken or rusted (interior is stainless steel). Guess we need to buy a new dishwasher and will definitely avoid this brand and any other brands made by this manufacturing family

I thought I was buying the best when I bought a Kitchenaid. The door was always popping open during the cycle. Now after owning it since 2004, the control panel needs replacement and the wiring harness burned. Too scary having smoke coming out of your dishwasher. Thankfully I was still in the kitchen when this happened. Kitchenaid was not particularly interested in my problem. No more Kitchenaid for me.

Kuds70 by JackR (Toms river,nj usa)
Great till the door springs start to harmonically resonate and ka says that's not under warranty since no parts failed yet. So you have to wait for the balance mechanism to fail and that's usually a surprise event which will allow the door to fall on tour shins, a kid, or your ceramic tile on the floor. Otherwise the unit is "superb" After all the aggravation of getting it fixed the first time and now having to go thru it again! Goodbye to kitchenaide dishwashers for me. You think they would upgrade the parts that fail?

5 Kitchenaid Monterey 21
Great, has worked and cleaned beautifully for the last 15 years.

KitchenAid KUDE60FXWHO by Jodi (Alexandria VA)
Despite advertising that says it needs cleaning only 2-4 times a year, the filter in this dishwasher needs cleaning after nearly every use. Food debris collects from every source and in within days--literally days!--after cleaning the filter it is covered with the grossest stuff and ordors come out when the door is opened. I can't live with this. I am very disappointed and angry. Who has time to clean a dishwasher filter after every use?! This is a design problem and KitchenAid needs to make this right. I had to replace my old dishwasher after 13 1/2 years due a part being worn out. But I was just months away from remodeling my kitchen and KitchenAid was one of the lines I was considering for all my new appliances. However, after my experience with this dishwasher, they were removed from my list.

KitchenAid KUDC25CHSSO by Helen (Niagara Ontario Canada)
Rated 3 Stars. Approx 10 yrs old. Looks nice, easy controls but racks have rusted and tines broken off. Had to replace the top spin arm assembly (burnt rubber) after 6 yrs and now despite all products, dishwasher cleaners etc, leaves ++ film on all dishes. Fed up.

KitchenAid KUDS301XWH by Julie (Houston, TX)
LOVE IT-LOVE IT-LOVE IT!!! Couldn't have asked for a more quiet, reasonably-priced, excellent working dishwasher. It came highly recommended by our serviceman after our 16-year-old VERY noisy GE Potscrubber II finally bit the dust. This KitchenAid is wonderful and we are not surprised giving that KitchenAid appliances we have all work just great. We look forward to replacing our other appliances with KitchenAid as well. Thanks for the great product and the price was $300 lower than the low end it shows on this website! We have a great appliance center here and the service is just as great!

KUDC10FXBL - Kitchen Aid "Classic Series" by Dale (Massachusetts)
Replaced an older and very noisy model. Some of the KitchenAid models are 27" deep. Our counters are only 24" deep so we looked to the "Classic Series" which are 24" deep. This model was a tight fit under our counters but ultimately it fit and looks great. This is one of the models with the buttons on the top edge of the door so the front is very sleek looking. It is super quiet. During parts of the cycle you have to look at the LEDs on the top of the door to tell if it's running. Other times you can here some water moving inside of it, but it's the quietest dishwasher I have used. It cleans the dishes way better than our old dishwasher did, and is easy to load/unload. We're happy with this and would recommend it to anyone - in particular if you have 24" counters.

KitchenAid - KUD102FRSS1 by Deborah (Kerrville, Texas)
Terrible. Dishes are not cleaned or rinsed well. I have to clean the dishes before putting them away. They are covered with fine particles of food and are slimy. Our house came with KitchenAid appliances, and I am not satisfied with any of them. The oven on the stove regulates the temperature by putting on the broiler, so I cannot bake anything without using convection, which makes timing of recipes tricky. The microwave cabinet has broken several times. The vent is made of plastic and becomes brittle. I just barely touch it and it cracks and falls off. It is very expensive to replace. The handle on the door has also broken. I am in the process of replacing all the appliences, with another brand, of course.

KitchenAid Kudc03fvss4 by Joanne (Hoboken, NJ USA)
I have always enjoyed owning Kitchenaid products so I felt confident that this would be an excellent dishwasher....NOT SO! It looks beautiful with a stainless front and it's very quiet, other than those positive features i have nothing nice to say. the bottom drawer always comes off the track when you pull it out whether it has dishes in it or it is empty. The dishwasher leaves a film on all of the glass wear even with rinsing solutions and cleaning of the filters. My water is not particularly hard or soft and the prior kitchen aid model which was less expensive, did not have these problems. I was told that the soap was the issue so I tried different brands. Bottom line, this is a poor quality dish washer. I am sorry that I relied on their positive reputation and didn't research further the opinions of others!

model KUDS30IXSS2 by Lou (New Jersey)
Worse dishwasher I ever owned. Top rack started breaking apart 6 months after we bought it. Motor started making noise 14 months after purchase. Talked to Kitchenaid and they offer 25% discount on parts cause it was out of warranty by 2 months. Built not to last but to take your money for repairs.

KitchenAid KUDS30IVSS by Curtis (North Pole, Alaska USA)
Never had a problem with 4+ years service and ran 4-5 times a week. Very quiet and gets the dishes clean.

KitchenAid KUDW03CTSS2 Dishwasher Review
2 years old and the top rack won't clean (the top water spinning sprayer will not turn). This is the SECOND time this has happened. Terrible designs in the Kitchenaids. I'll never buy one again.

KitchenAid KUDI02CRBS Dishwasher Review
5 years old. Never washed the dishes very well, but I don't think any of them do. The door Spring broke and the repairman couldn't get the door aligned after the repair. He replaced part after part till I told him to just quit. He was into my pocket for 200 bucks for a 600 dollar dishwasher and he never did fix it. Door pops open and will not stay shut. A very Crummy product. If you must buy KitchenAid, be sure to get the extended warranty.

Comment: Same thing happened to me. Good news, I have a 10 year warranty (it is five years old). Started with door popping open, then six repairs later (new lock, new seals, etc)., door still pops open. Repairman tried to say it was because it was not installed properly ( worked fine for five years without a problem and it was installed professionally)!!! Then, after he pulled the unit out and said "see it works fine when unit is pulled out" he said he was leaving and that it needs to be installed properly and will then work fine. As he was getting ready to leave satisfied it was an installation problem (which warranty does NOT cover) ..I decided to turn the unit on (which was still pulled out from our cabinet) and guess what....after a 1 minute the door popped open. BOY DID HE FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT!!! Long story short....I can get a new dishwasher under the warranty but I lose out on my remaining 5 years....oh least I can get a new one!

Kitchenaid top of the line 6 years ago by Irene (Alberta, Canada)
for space capacity: 5 stars, initial cleaning : 4.5 stars, after 1 year: 2 stars.

Kitchen Aid KUDE201XWH4 by Janet (Hoover, Al )
I rate it a 1. I would rate it a -5 if I could. I bought it 10-31-11. I have had to have 4 service calls on it between 5/22 and 6/29. The first because it quite working, no lights no nothing. The repair company said it was a fuse. Replaced the fuse. But said the panel was broke. Ordered a panel....came back and installed it but the control board was not working right either - couldn't use the recommended setting of "pro wash". So ordered a control board and made another visit to install. The control board was 'dead'. So had to order another one and install it. So between 5/22 and 6/29 my less than 6 month old dishwasher was usable for about 4 days. It is now 7/20....less than a month later and during a wash cycle it just stopped. Called Kitchen Aid service and asked if they could just replace it. But N-o-o-o that's not what the warranty will do. Must continue to go through the aggravation and frustration and lack of a dishwasher while I wait for yet another service call, for them to tell me I need another control board, then must wait for it to be ordered and then wait even longer to get another available appointment to get it installed. And if the stars, sun and moon are aligned correctly it 'might' work. This product is a piece of crap. I will never buy another Kitchen Aid product and will tell everyone that I know that they shouldn't either. Of course this rating will probably never get posted. We shall see, won't we?

KitchenAid KUDS30CXBL1 Dishwasher by AWA (Central Florida)
Worst diswasher ever made period. Do not buy KitchenAid. They LOOK Beautiful, but that is about it. If you want a dishwasher that looks pretty and does not clean at all, then this is the dishwasher for you! Dishes go in dirty and come out dirty. If there's even a light film, or dust on a plate, it won't come off. I read some comments about this dishwasher after I purchased it, unfortunately, from people having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I would have never purchased this model, or even KitchenAid brand had I known this prior. When you put in a dirty dish, it comes out DIRTY. I can run my finger down the plate and see a clean trail behind it. What's wrong with this picture here? This is TERRIBLE and what a huge headache and disappointment. I have washed the same set of dishes FOUR times trying different cycles, all with the same horrible result. This model needs to be discontinued. I am NOT the only customer with this identical problem. All I know is that I've wasted water and detergent on four attempts to get my dishes clean and I should send KitchenAid a bill. By the way, my dishwasher is only 3 days old. Their microwaves sucks also - it does not cook evenly and is going back as well. KitchenAid = NO!

Comment: I am the person who started this comment thread, AWA. I just wanted to repost back here to say that I called KitchenAid and they insisted I have an authorized service person come out and "diagnose" this alleged dishwasher, though I heard her mumble that the service call was really to "educate" me on how to use an automatic dishwasher. About 5 days after owning this machine, a serviceman did come out and of course everything was hooked up perfectly, water was working fine, hot water was set to the correct temperature; a wasted call just like I had anticipated, right? Wrong. His answer to everything was that these new machines really only get the job done if you use the new Cascade Complete Action Packs. Not powder, or gel, or even the action packs made by "finish" that came with the machine. Just use Cascade Complete Action Pacs & nothing else unless you like to use rinse aid. Let me tell you something, aside from being totally taken back with surprise, I was so relieved that I did not have to remove my owner installed dishwasher and return it like I did with the KitchenAid microwave I purchased at the same time. Seriously, now that I made that simple change from gel to action packs by Cascade, I discovered that this really is a dishwasher! Use a rinse aid, cascade, and these settings everytime for the best performance: Heavy Duty, High-Temp Scrub, Sani-Rinse, Control Lock (hold for 3-secs). If you have soft water, or a water softener, that helps too. After further research I had found that the reason these new dishwashers do not perform very well is because their design is all about efficiency & sound. In order to dampen the sound so that it does not sound like an older style dishwasher the manufacturer used a smaller motor to decrease the sound level significantly & also to save alot of water as opposed to a larger motor that is more noisy, yet gets the job done. While all of this reduces the machine's cleaning ability, somehow the new Cascade Complete Action Pacs make up for it. I know this might not make much sense, but it works! As for the KitchenAid microwave, well I returned that piece of junk and swapped it for a Whirlpool Gold. For those of you that are thinking I basically got the exact same appliance since Whirlpool has now bought out KitchenAid, that would be true if I had acquired a basic "Whirlpool" appliance, but the "Whirlpool Gold" series is totally different and WAY better than your standard Whirlpool models or any KitchenAid brand - so much better that I ended up returning my KitchenAid oven/range for the Whirlpool Gold series that matches my new Whirlpool Gold microwave. As for my KitchenAid dishwasher that I really, really wanted for its features, style, color, and its interior design & construction, now it's not going anywhere unless they stop making those Cascade Complete Action Pacs. If you asked me if I ever would purchase a KitchenAid appliance again, it wouldn't be my first choice thanks to this experience.

Kitchenaid Stainless Steel KUDC10FXSS
Cleans great, very quiet, I would give it a 4.5. Only reason didn't give it a 5 is the stainless on the outside gets some water spots and fingerprints on it. I'm very pleased with it!

Kitchenaid by John (Saugerties New York)
I rate this a big fat zero !!!! No tech support one run of dishes 8 hrs old and it went in to some flashing light thing and needs repair according to the supposed tech support number. Family of 7, lots of dishes . bought at Lowes. I think that it might be true that Lowes buys items that the factory rejects. they buy right from the manufacturer out of there facility and call them brand new not factory rejects.

KitchenAid KUDE60FXWH1 by Mabel (NC)
For the price this is a TOTAL disappointment, had a kitchenaid thirty years ago, gave us thirty years of best cleaning with not one issue with it, but this BRAND new started out of the box with problems, holds water in the drain area where the strainer is. Since it is only my husband and I it does not get used more than once or twice a week. The water that remains in the bottom starts to have a VERY strong mold smell, which you KNOW is NOT healthy. Plus even after using the rinse aide inside of dishwasher is so wet after running it COMPLETE cycle have to wipe down the dripping water from the sides and back. Plus KitchenAid told me to call a repair man in my area, which I did time and time again, could never get anyone to come check it out. I would NEVER recommend Kitchenaid to anyone after what I have experienced with them and the product. I will admit that KitchenAid is sending someone today to bring another new dishwasher to see if this one does the samething, so they have agreed to that after weeks of back and forth with them and the ones I purchased the BRAND new $1,600 dishwasher from. I sure hope that one coming today is a better one than the one I just purchased. I am hopeful anyhow!! I would give this dishwasher a rating of ** stars, it is VERY quiet, but the holding water in the bottom and that the inside is WET after each cycle is a serious issue with me. Since it smells so bad I KNOW it is VERY unhealthy to wash your dishes with moldy water. I do not put dishes in the dishwasher to sit for days either, I load it and then use it right away, so it is not dirty dishes giving the smell, there is NOTHING in the dishwasher, but nasty smelling water that won't fully drain out. Controls are VERY easy to push by accident!! The strainer MUST be cleaned after EVERY use!

KitchenAid KUDS35FXWH by Mike (Near Portland, Ore)
4 1/2 stars for this wonderful dishwasher. We had an old Kenmore that was in service for over 16 years and still working perfectly, but we were very tired of the noise it made, plus the racks were just beginning to rust through. So we shopped for a new dishwasher that had the following "must have" features: quiet, garbage disposal, no filter to mess with, and best ratings by users. This KitchenAid KUDS35FXWH fit all these parameters. The dishwasher has been in service for a month now and we love it! It is so quiet, we no longer have to turn the TV up to screaming levels to here the TV anymore. The dishes come out clean with just a couple of exceptions. Once or twice we noticed a soup dish in the upper rack did not get completely clean. I think this was due to the tines being so close together that the water couldn't get at the dish well enough. So now, if the dish has been sitting around for a day or more, we'll just lay it flat down on the upper rack and it gets completely clean. As others have noted these new dishwashers with stainless interiors tend to not dry dishes at times. We find this to be true also and so always use the "heat dry" option, plus we use the "jetdry" liquid in the door. Now, if we let the dishwasher cool down completely before opening it up, that seems to reduce the problem for the most part. What little moisture that is left on a few of the dishes is just not a big deal. We used the extra jets against the back wall of the dw once to clean a dish that had a noodle casserole in it the night before and when we turned on all the extra cleaning buttons (heavy duty, proscrub, hightemp scrub) the dish came out sparkling clean. Wow - that was impressive. I have to agree with the other reviewer about the silverware basket. I just didn't like the looks of it from the very beginning so I slipped in the one from our old Kenmore and it fit like a glove and it works just fine. I really wish the racks were white and not ugly grey. Overall, we are very happy with this new dishwasher.

KitchenAid Superba Model: KUDSO1FLS66 by SD (New Jersey)
I have had this dishwasher for seven years. I have spent more money fixing it because it has so many flaws that I should have just purchased a new dishwasher. The racks have broken, the panel has been fixed twice and their were other issues. I just had it fixed in Februrary 2012 and it stopped working again. I also find that the Kitchen Aid customer service is awful. I also have the KA frigerator and within four years, I am on my second refrigerator because there was a major mechanical flaw that KA refused to admit to until one of their recommended technicians told me about it. Once I used technical terms, I finally got a response. I would NEVER purchase another Kitchen Aid product again and I highly suggest that customers demand better products.

KUDIO1L by Robert (Flanders, NJ, USA)
While we have had this dishwasher for about 9 years, after four years we needed to replace the motor and pump. I sounds like the motor has given up again. We are also not happy with the way it cleans the dishes anymore. It used to clean dishes much better. We now get food left on the dishes and glasses. I guess planned obsolescence has struck again!!!

Kitchenaid KUDS01 by Thapper (Largo,FL)
Our first failure was a seized wash pump. Not a difficult replacement, but expensive and apparently the result of a failed shaft seal that allowed water to enter the motor case. Poor design? Apparently, based on the number of complaints you can read about. Next the door lost its spring support and would just drop when you tried to open it. Upon dis-assembly it was found to be caused by a broken plastic clip on a rope link that slides over plastic guides and ties into the door spring. An expensive dishwasher (made by Whirlpool by the way) that uses a piece of drapery cord or two to support the door should be laughed at by consumers. The cord sliding on the guide causes the chattering sound you hear when you open or close the door. The cord ends are formed around the cord, and are apparently designed for failure. The guides should be designed as pulleys to reduce chattering, and there are certainly many design options that would be better than drapery cord. I guess paying more than $10 for a replacement is bad enough, but for all the people who pay many times that for a service call and never are shown the disgraceful design that was used it's an outrage. This same system is used on many other brands produced by Whirlpool as well. MOD KUDS301XWH4 by Donna (Columbus, NJ)
This dishwasher is very disappointing for 2 reasons: 1) It takes HOURS to clean the dishes 2) The design is horrible, with the controls right in the front where the slightest touch sets them off. A person cannot stand in front of this dishwasher without it turning on. Very poor design; very disappointing product for the money!

KitchenAid KUDU02FRBL0
For $200 my KitchenAid dishwasher, model KUDU02FRBL0, now about six years old, would have been merely substandard. For $1,000 this KitchenAid dishwasher is a complete fraud. At its best the rack system is beastly awkward -- it is very hard to place glassware, dishes etc efficiently and securely. The dispenser door lodges only partly open against large dishes in the racks adjacent, which means dish powder can't get into the washer efficiently and is left in lumps and clumps to gum up the dispenser. KitchenAid doesn't even have the decency to tell anyone including repair people about this problem; my wife found someone online who suggested a solution. If KitchenAid simply sent everyone a notice to say users must put only small plates in the rack adjacent to the dispenser everyone's problems with inadequate soap dispensing would be over. Just out of warranty, the door counterweight cable mechanism broke. Our repairman said this was usual for that model. And I could see that the broken parts were not sufficiently well made for so expensive a dishwasher. That door is heavy enough to damage its hinges if it falls open without being properly countersprung. That was $200 to fix a problem they should have been repairing free for at least ten years, since it's not the sort of thing that should ever break. My repair guy just keeps the spare parts for that on his truck! If you push the start button on the door top, but don't close the door within 1.5 seconds, the dishwasher won't start. You think you started it, so hours later you open it to put the dishes away and find it full of dirty dishes. While investigating my most recent problem, I noticed that my KitchenAid dishwasher accumulates a strip of greasy and stinky scuz unseen between the bottom door gasket and the tub lip! That was a shocking and truly disgusting discovery, and bad enough to gag a maggot. Maybe that's the source of the black slimy dribble that sometimes oozes onto the floor from the bottom left corner of the machine? Now the thing is leaving most of the glasses on the upper rack quite dirty. Back to hand washing for everything in the top rack. I'm having it expensively repaired, then I'm going to buff it up and sell it. Don't worry, I won't ask much for it, and I will not pretend it is a good machine. Quiet, though. The thing is indeed very very quiet.

Kitchenaid KUDS301XSSO Dishwasher Review by Anne (South Elgin, IL usa)
Have had it for 1 week. Stopped working, had the motor replaced and told that the circuit board is bad. Returning it today.

Kitchenaid KUDS30IXWH Dishwasher Review
I selected this dishwasher due to it's great rating in Consumer Reports. I ran it 1 time and then it would not complete a cycle and needed a service call. 4 service calls later ( 1 new motor and pump and 2 new control boards) it appears to be fixed. I talked to the KitchenAid customer service people - even to a supervisor - to request a new dishwasher since this one had been broken more than it was working (all this within the first 2 months) and they said "Sorry - No." I will never buy KitchenAid again. Am less satisfied with their customer service than with the dishwasher.

KitchenAid Dishwasher KUDE60HXSS by EFSC (AZ)
Very nice looking and extremely quiet...BUT, silverware spacers in silverware basket are extremely flimsy and will not stay in place. Two ways to fix this problem...take the spacers out or permanently attach them by using wire ties to hold them in place...very, very poor design for a very, very expensive dishwasher.

C20CVWH3 by Louise (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Does not do a good job on washing, all dishes have to be pre-rinsed to get a semblance of clean. Loads have to be light, carefully structured to get clean. Even then, not ALL dishes come clean. It operates fairly quietly.

HORRRRRRRIBLE FOR THE PRICE DONT BUY IT, on off panel fails , top rack falls down, huge disappointment for such a pricy machine should be 299.99 not 699.99, DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE

Worst dishwasher I have ever had. The adjusters on the top tray have broken repeatedly. Do not by this product.

KitchenAid KUDSO1DLBT by Marsha (Greenville, Ohio)
Bought 2/10/06, Installed 3/13/06. Had to have both racks replaced as they were splitting on the ends, replaced the bottom heating element and something in the door. Purchased ext. warranty. Clean light started blinking a month ago, out of warranty as of Feb. 2011 so looked online. Found someone to help me and cost $30. Fixed it and he said if it happens again I might need new element or thermostat. Just happened again and I went thru the same procedure and it is working again but don't know for how long. I don't use it everyday, paid $800 for it and it lasted less than 5 years??? Called Customer Service at KitchenAid and they can send a factory service man out for $129 just to look at it. Does not count parts and labor, was the best they could do for me. The best I can do for them is to never buy another KitchenAid product. And one of the factories is in the town I live in. Go figure. We have a large KitchenAid Store in downtown Greenville, Ohio. I would love to keep business in the USA and even locally but I can't afford this. My husband and I are the only persons that use this. Doesn't get a lot of use.

Kitchen Aid KUDE201XSS by Louise (Toronto,ON CANADA)
1 star. In the past I was very satisfied with all Kitchen Aid dishwashers I owned. I am very dissatisfied with this new model I just purchased. It is 3 months old and we are on our third service call. It does not complete its cycle. We had a leak through the door yesterday. We have hardwood floors in our kitchen and live in a condo. I will never trust this dishwasher again even if they repair it. Stay away from this model and brand.

Kitchenaid Dishwasher Model KUDS02SRSS0 by RRPH (Saskatoon, Canada)
The dishwasher racks basically disintegrated while under warranty, as well as the door springs broke. This was repaired, but currently the door springs broke again, the racks are deterorating, and most recently, the door popped open while doing a cycle. The door hit my wife as well as knocked our dog unconcious. The door is very heavy, this could have caused more serious injury or been fatal to our pet.

KitchenAid Model KUDC10IXBL by Jan (Kansas City)
Does a great job washing dishes when it works! Control board has had to be replaced twice since it was installed less than 13 months ago. Waiting for repairs on it again and thanking God that I bought an extended warranty on this lemon!

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