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Whirlpool WDF510PAYS

Whirlpool Dishwasher Ratings - GU320XTPS3 by Iva (Victoria, BC)
(1)Very unreliable, poor customer service: Replaced the electronic panel twice within 2 years. The 2nd time Whirlpool's service provider in Victoria BC that is Derek Appliances also replaced the heating element that took more than a week. In 3 days the dishwasher stopped working again because Derek's technician didn't connect the wires right. Had to wait another 4 days for him to fix his own mess. In a month the dishwasher broke again. I contacted Whirlpool and they referred to Derek's Appliance Services again. I contacted them and dispatch told me that it was their practice to use refurbished electronic panels for repairs and they were out of them so they would be able to repair the dishwasher only in TWO WEEKS! After that I called Whirlpool again. The first rep connected me to Derek's without even warning instead of talking to me. After I called again, the 2nd rep kept me on hold more than for half an hour probably hoping I would hang up. When she realized I wouldn't she started saying nonsense about doing "intensive and massive research" and about "calling me back directly". I know that nobody will call me directly and Whirlpool is probably very well aware of their service people using old broken electronic panels in their repairs although they say they don't. I payed $360 a month ago. Out of that month I was washing dishes by hand for at least 10 days while waiting for the service. Now I have to wait for another 2 weeks. It looks like Whirlpool and their services are more like a bunch of con artists. Never buy their appliances so you wouldn't have to deal with their service.

Whirlpool GU2275XTVY0
Had this for a year...control panel started malfunctioning. Performed a reset on it and it worked for a week. Then had to keep on resetting it until it finally died. Would not recommend this washer to anyone. The warranty is also junk as for all Whirlpool products. Poor quality...just read the other reviews for any Whirlpool product. Spend your money elsewhere.

Whirlpool GU2800XTVQ by Ann (Pella, IA, USA)
We have had our dishwasher for 3 years, and have had to call a repairman once to fix it because it was leaking massive amounts of water all over the floor, ruining our flooring. Now, barely 5 months later, it is doing the same thing, and we hope it hasn't ruined our new flooring. As for cleaning, quietness, etc, it couldn't be better...but the hose that comes off the pump is garbage, and the design is really poor. I haven't found any others with this problem, however...perhaps ours is just a fluke.

Whirlpool GU23000XTVB by J F. (Illinois)
I give this machine 2 1/2 stars. This is my 3rd Whirlpool dishwasher. The last one I had was the best out of the three. With this one being the worst. I have read many reviews about the newer energy star dishwashers not getting dishes clean anymore. Well this machine does not clean the dishes well. I have never run a load where everything comes out clean. I would say that 25% of the dishes come out soiled. Glasses rarely come out clean. Forget about putting pots and pans in this dishwasher. I always have to re-clean them. Since I have had this dishwasher, I have washed more dishes by hand. I have read all the directions on how to get dishes to come clean on many websites. The older models worked very well. Now the energy star models have weak motors and the water just dribbles over the dishes unlike before when you could actually here the force of the water hitting and scrubbing the dishes and pots and pans clean. And then there's the increase of chemicals that are used in these machines. Power boosters, special dishwasher cleaners. How does this help the environment? Worst dishwasher I have ever had. Will really think twice about buying another Whirlpool dishwasher.

Whirpool Quiet Partner II
I own several Maytag/Whirlpool/Amana appliances, and with only one exception, I have been extraordinarily pleased with these products. Having said that, I would also like to say that my Whirlpool Quiet Partner II dishwasher is a piece of refuse, jettisoned directly from hell. Yes, I had it professionally delivered and installed. It was a great day in my kitchen too, until the first time I used it. The glasspack exhaust on my neighbor's hotrod is actually quieter than the Whirlpool Quiet Partner II. It would seem that in a fit of madness, the engineers at Whirlpool redesigned the utensil/silverware compartment. They made it much smaller, and made it removable. They also put in on the door. It is so tiny that you can't get anything out of it. When I tried to remove it from the dishwasher, it promptly came apart, spilling my silverware all over. I tried putting the silverware basket in the bottom rack, and the silverware never got clean. Incidentally, because the basket is so narrow, the silverware never really gets that clean anyway. Also, nothing fits in the bottom rack. God help you if you dare wash anything larger than a dinner plate. The bloody sprayer on the bottom rack is so low that it hits everything you put in there. The bottom rack always slides too far out, and sometimes actually manages to wind up partially on the floor. It would seem that the bottom rack is trying to escape. Some of my dishes got broken this way. Finally, I would like to add that I work in a restaurant where we deal with an ungodly number of dirty dishes everyday; I know where of I speak. This dishwasher is so bad, so frustrating, and so useless, that it is easier to just do the dishes in the sink.

Whirlpool GU3600XTVY Review
According to the manual it's a manual clean filter, and according to Sears it has no internal food disposal. How come the new dishwashers with stainless steel interiors all seem to be without a food disposal and all require manual cleaning of the filter? That's not what I want to pay top dollar for... Having to clean out the guts of the washer.

GU3000XTXS by Celeste (Kelowna, BC, Canada)
I bought my dishwasher at the end of February 2011 and it broke down December 24,2011. Today is January 21,2012 and I am still waiting for the part to arrive from Whirlpool and for it to be installed. I think the service is bad and the dishwasher does not clean my dishes as well as my maytag dishwasher did that was 17 years old.My maytag dishwasher was still running with no problems when I replace it with the whirlpool as I replaced all my appliances with stainless steel. I would not purchase another whirlpool product. It is the control panel that needs to be replaced. I would rate this dishwasher and whirlpool service as a zero

Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 by Jody (Ft Lauderdale)
This was a brand new dishwasher, just installed when I bought the house. It has never worked properly. First, it wouldn't drain. Then it began to stop completely about 10 minutes into the washing cycle intermittently, now it won't finish a cycle at all. I've had repairmen look at it twice, and one told me I was rinsing my dishes too clean before loading. It is just over a year old, so out of warranty. I'll probably replace it, but not with another Whirlpool!

whirpool WDT910CSSYM2 by nora (fonthill ont canada)
I purchased my Whirlpool dishwasher less than six months ago ,when I smelled a terrible stench when I opened the door! I noticed that the water in the drain basket was full of water.I called the service people and after several visits and replaced parts,my problem is not solved! They now tell me that it is normal to have water sitting in the drain basket! They also said that it is my fault because I do not use my dishwasher on a daily basis( there is only two of us in the family)so they say that it is part of the problem! I have owned dishwashers for the past 30 years and never have I experienced this problem! I give this whirlpool dishwasher a 1 out of five.The only good thing about this product is that it is quiet!

Whirlpool Quiet V GU2800XTVQ by Julie (Roanoke, Virginia)
Very quiet. Cycle takes several hours. Ours does not dry well. Dishes are still wet even though the heated dry option is selected. Getting ready to make a request for a service call. Anyone else experiencing this non-drying problem?

DU1345XTVB by Jerry (Tulsa, Ok.)
Extremely poor washing results, leaves a white film on glasses, cups and on silver ware. Many things have to be hand washed after they have been washed in this unit. Water temperature is plenty hot and am using a rinse agent in the dispenser. Will never purchase another Whirlpool brand dishwasher and the scary part is Whirlpool owns KitchenAid and Maytag. A one star rating seems high to me.

whirlpool DW-WP-WDF530PAYB
1. It sucks. Not only does it NOT clean, it dirties clean things like wine glasses, leaving them covered in grit.

DU1055XTP Dishwasher
2 Stars. Purchased approx. 5 years ago. Has failed twice with problem being in the control panel/circuit board. Our unit is white, and now the manufacturer only offers a black control panel. Overall poor reliability and limited repair part choices. Won't get Whirlpool again.

Kenmore Ultra Wash 665.13842k601 Dishwasher
Only had it a few years, control panel broke. $300 to repair! Off to buy a new DW!!

Whirlpool Quiet Partner 2 by Matthew Fitz (New York, NY)
Within 6 months of purchase the dish trays started falling apart. The little prongs that support the dishes began to snap off because the plastic coating over the metal did not provide a proper seal and they rusted through. After 2 years the main spray mechanism just snapped off. This is totally shoddy manufacturing: a piece of junk; a rip off. My old dishwasher had lasted over 20 years. This one lasted 2!

Whirlpool GU3600XTVY
I bought this dishwasher in July 2010, and by the 1st of August 2011 it no longer heated the water. Three weeks out of warranty and Whirlpool says, sorry, we can't help you. It never was very good at getting the utensils clean. The rack is door mounted, so it's a bad design. I don't nest the utensils, I load them one-up, one-down. That doesn't help. The repairman replaced the computer panel and thermostat, still no hot water. Maybe the repair parts were defective, but Whirlpool won't allow consumers to talk to their tech line. Now the repairman is going to re-order the parts as well as a heating element. My old builder's-grade dishwasher worked for 16 years without a repair. I thought that upgrading to a "fancy" stainless steel dishwasher would be so great. I was wrong. Now I have dishpan hands and am rethinking our Thanksgiving plans.

Whirlpool DU1010XTXQ Dishwasher Review by Paul (Molokai, Hawaii)
Initial impressions from installation: 3-Star. Whirlpool cheaped-out and did not provide the 90 degree elbow required for connection to the water supply. I discovered this at the wrong end of a 40 mile round trip to the dealer. They also failed to provide any kind of grommet or strain relief or romex adapter to protect the power supply line as it passes through a sharp edged hole in a thin sheet metal bracket. This could result in sparks/fire/blown breaker down the road if not provided and installed. Nice that the Whirlpool execs get their bonuses and stock options for having cost reduced this otherwise nice enough seeming dishwasher.

Comment: 8 days post install: Worked well at first but today it refuses to fill. Water is good to the inlet screen, power good, float switch free and clicking but will not fill. It starts its cycle but remains dry. Due to my remote location (Molokai, HI), Whirlpool is currently scratching their heads to figure out how to get a service rep to me. In fact, there is a guy here that works on Whirlpools but he isn't "authorized". I will probably have to pay him and then beg Whirlpool to reimburse me. In the mean time, my wife is washing dishes by hand while this brand new machine sits uselessly in its place. Thanks Whirlpool!

Model WDF510PAYB6
Very quiet for the price, does a good job and has easy to use controls on the front. Didn't much care for the water hookup but by being careful it works fine and does not leak. I have heard others who have had issues with the fitting leaking after installation.

WDF750SAYM by Sue (Houston, Texas)
What is the rating number for AWFUL- DON'T BUY. It simply doesnt clean the dishes. I am so disapponted with this dishwasher.

Whirlpool Gold Energy Star Dishwasher by Karen (Venice FL)
I have never complained about an appliance. I would discourage any friend from buying this whirlpool product. I would rather wash the dishes by hand because I practically have to wash them before I even put them in the machine or they will not be clean! We run it once or even twice a day so this is not dried on food here. In fact I completely rinse everything but if the occasional cereal bowl is not rinsed or tiny amount of pasta sauce is on a dish it will not wash off completely and in fact will BAKE on during the drying cycle leaving me to was it off with a scrub pad. I am in my 40's and have had enough dishwashing experience (6 children) to know that I would research carefully and ask friends before I buy another dishwasher.

Whirlpool DU1055XTVS2 Dishwasher Review by Pat (Il.)
I bought a new home, and whirlpool was the brand the builder uses, so we bought the upgraded model, just because it was to be quieter. Noise is not the problem. This whirlpool is horrible. From the first run, the dishes were all dirty and started getting a white film on them and were gritty. So I quit using it and followed all the trouble shooting advice in the book, including installing a water softener. I've used several brands of detergent, including the recommended one, every combination of cycles, and the no heat for drying. Then I called the repair man. He said there was nothing wrong with the washer and he couldn't fix what wasn't broken, that since phosphates were banned, they get a lot of calls like mine. Then I found a product called Lemi Shine. No phosphates in this either, but the dishes no longer have that white film or grit. But they are still not all clean. He also said not to put dishes in the corners cause the water doesn't reach the corners. My water heater was turned up, I load very carefully etc etc. But unless I HAND WASH first, cups are still dirty. Did whoever design this even try to put in a cup or bowl, really? It is very awkward to load. Things just don't fit. If your looking to buy a dishwasher, when you go to the store take a few of your own dishes, and see if you can put them in it, I will next time. This is nothing but a TOY. I hate it with a passion.

Comment: I could re- write your comments identically but about GE dishwashers. Have had two different models, neither clean sufficiently. Almost every load has a couple pieces that have two be re washed by hand. Additionally, We were told to not put anything in the lower corner that would obstruct detergent from flowing, change to dry detergent, then change to liquid, next told to add special detergent booster, not to put any pans or bowls on the bottom allowing all water to hit top rack... Finally we were told we should wash off all dishes before loading into the dishwasher-not just scraping off food particles. What's going on with DW's?

Whirlpool GU2300XTVT Review by Diane (Beverly Hills, Florida)
I hate it. It leaves tea stains on cups. I have to practically wash the dishes by hand in order to be sure all the food is off them. I've only had it a month. I'm going back to the store to try to exchange it. My 16 year old dishwasher did a better job.

Whirlpool DU1300XTVB by Rashid (Montreal, Canada)
PROS: washing good, saves power and water. ODDS: a little bit loud, long washing cycle. My rating: 4 stars

Whirlpool Quiet Partner I Dishwasher Rating by Sharon (Florida)
I rate this dishwasher as a zero while it sits unused in my kitchen after only 1 year. I did the research and bought this model as the best in my price range. Within 2 weeks the catch on the utensil basket broke so I rigged it up with two rubber bands to keep it closed. Annoying, but was still functional. Even after troubleshooting according to the Dishwasher user instructions the dishes have never been dry. About 1 month ago the water stopped leaving the bottom of the dishwasher at the end of the cycle. Everything remained wet and residue caught in the wells of some bowls and glasses. Repair man said the motor is broken. It would cost almost as much to repair it as it would to buy a new dishwasher. Needless to say, I'm very unhappy with this dishwasher.

I hate this dishwasher! I worked well for only two loads. It is noisy, dishes are not cleaned (leaves food on them), and leaves a white film on the glasses. Don't buy it!

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